Here's how to get pets to brighten up your voyages in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get and Use Pets

Here's how to get pets to brighten up your voyages in Sea of Thieves.
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Every pirate wants to know how to get pets in Sea of Thieves, being that absolutely no one would complain about their comforts on long voyages filled with angry skeletons and ravenous krakens. For a bit of coin, you can get yourself a fuzzy companion to keep you company when the stress of another trip to the ferry of the damned and back starts to get to you. Here is how to get pets in Sea of Thieves

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How to Get Pets in Sea of Thieves

Pets are sold at the Pirate Emporium, found at any outpost or at the menu screen that greets you when you first boot up Sea of Thieves.

The Emporium is the real-world money store in Sea of Thieves, and the only place to get pets. Purchases are made using Ancient Coins, which you must purchase in bundles of 150, 550, 1000, 2550, or 4250 coins. This is how you get pets, and they generally cost 499 Ancient Coins.

Click the top, and you can view the different options for pets. Currently available for adoption, are Parrots, Dogs, Monkey’s, and Cats. Within each pet type there are options for breed or species. There are Capuchins, Marmosets, and Barberys to choose from among the monkeys, for example. All function the same, but look different.  

You can also get pets that are special collector’s pets, like the key ring-bearing Prison Dog from The Pirates of the Caribbean, or the fiery Ashen Curse Macaw. The available collector’s pets will vary season to season, and typically cost 649 ancient coins. 

How to Use Pets

Now your new friend can join you on your adventures. There is a special chest aboard your ship at Islands called the Pet Chest. Open it to see your inventory of pets, and bring one out to play. The chest is also where you equip clothes, and customize the name of your animal friends.

Pets won’t help much in tangible ways. That new dog isn’t going to dig the treasure for you. Instead, they provide companionship and fun. You can interact with them, pet them, or feed them. They’ll dance to your music, and cheer you on when you find treasure. You can even fire them out of your cannons; they’ll return to you unharmed, though a bit covered in soot.  

Styling your pirate is one of the joys in Sea of Thieves, and that extends to pets as well. Open the page on the Pirate Emporium’s Pets tab for any pet you own, and there will be a small bounty of available outfits to choose from. Perfect if you want your Parrot dressed like a banana, or your monkey dressed like the most decorated officer in the Sea.


Congratulations! You’ve got the finest feline or most dapper dog in the Sea of Thieves. It’s time to take your new friend out on seabound romp. Might we suggest the Sunken Pearl for The Pirates of the Caribbean themed tall tales? There’s plenty to do, so open up our Sea of Thieves guides pages, choose your next adventure, and set sail! 

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