Security Breach Ruin: Are There Multiple Endings?

Are there multiple ending in Security Breach Ruin? We'll give you the answer in this guide.

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Ruin is the lone free DLC for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security BreachIt’s a brand-new story expansion where you play as Cassie and have to save Gregory, who is trapped in the abandoned Pizzaplex. Many other FNAF games have alternate endings, but are there multiple ending in Security Breach RuinLet’s talk about it!

Security Breach Ruin: Are There Multiple Endings?

Security Breach Ruin takes place after the Mega Pizzaplex was destroyed in an earthquake. Gregory has gotten trapped in there, and it’s up to you to save him. As you make your way through, you’ll find a flashlight and walkie-talkie to help you save him. Along the way, you’ll run into some animatronics out to get you, including one with a special gimmick.

Just like the base game, it’s a free-roam game. However, there are no hiding spots, so you only have your stealth to not get caught. Georgy will help you along the way with the use of the walkie-talkie giving you instructions. Depending on your actions and what you collect, there are three endings to Security Breach Ruin. 

How to Get All Three Security Breach: Ruin Endings

Let’s go over all the ending without spoiling them.

  • The Elevator Ending which is the default ending of the game where you listen to everything Gregory tells you.
  • The second ending is the Scooper Ending. You can get this one by ignoring Gregory and not going into the elevator. 
  • The Final ending is the Fredbear Ending. For this one you’ll need to find all the cameras during your playthrough. 

So, if you were wondering, are there multiple ending in Security Breach RuinThere are three depending on if you listen to Gregory and if you find all the cameras. For more FNAF tips and guides check out our dedicated guides hub. 

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