Our tips and tricks guide has all you need to know about getting the most out of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Tips and Tricks

Our tips and tricks guide has all you need to know about getting the most out of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is finally here, and it’s still the same series — filled with enough fan service to make the folks behind Dead or Alive blush. Luckily, it has incredibly fun gameplay to match. What’s not fun, though, is losing your V-Road tournament matches or not getting a single win in multiplayer. That’s where I come in.

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This guide is designed to get you equipped to stomp the competition both offline and online in Peach Beach Splash. If you follow my advice, you’ll know everything you need to be King/Queen of this new shinobi super soaker shootout.

Choosing the Best Gun in Peach Beach Splash

First things first: which gun should you pick? This is going to come down to personal preference and playstyle. If you’re looking for a balanced approach, you’ll probably want to go with the assault rifle. If you’re looking for something with a lot of firepower, you’ll go for the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or Gatling Gun. If you’re more of a speed demon, one of the pistol types will suit you fine. 

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash offers 10 different guns, so try them all out in missions and figure out which you like best before you go online.

Assault Rifle
  • Full-Auto: 35
  • Three-Shot Burst: 25
  • Can fly up with a slow rate of ascent

This gun is the perfect starter weapon if you’re not sure which to pick in the new Senran Kagura. It’s pretty middle of the road. It’s got a high rate of fire with decent ammunition, does pretty okay damage, and allows you to be sort of mobile. It’s got lower damage and a slower rate of fire compared to the gatling gun, but it’s not quite as easily outmaneuvered and it has a much better rate of reload.

  • Wide Burst: 4
  • Long Range Homing Shots: 3
  • Can fly up with a slow rate of ascent

Like most shooting games, this shotgun is perfect for fighting up close. It’s got decent power and the wide spread makes it good for fighting multiple enemies up close. You can focus on one enemy from a distance, though, with the long-range homing shots. Its flight capabilities are similar to the assault rifle. The main drawback is its low ammo capacity compared to some of the other guns in Peach Beach Splash.

Grenade Launcher
  • Bouncing Shell: 4
  • Impact Shell: 4
  • Big initial jump with a quick descent while hovering

The grenade launcher is perfect for going against a Peach Beach Splash team that tends to stay grouped together, or if you’re in an area with a lot of clutter. The impact shells are great for when you’re hitting multiple targets — and the bouncing shell, which bounces once before hitting its target or immediately on impact with the target, is better for when you’re finishing someone off.

The bouncing shell can be used with auto-aim disabled to bounce shots off walls if you’re trying to hit an enemy that’s hiding behind terrain. Its flight has a really fast initial double jump/ascent, but will descend faster than most other Peach Beach Splash guns while hovering.

Rocket Launcher
  • High Speed Round: 3
  • 3 Homing Round: 3
  • Big initial jump with a quick descent while hovering

The rocket launcher in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash reminds me a bit of playing Soldier in TF2 or Pharah in Overwatch. You can jump high up in the sky (similar to a rocket jump) to get a good position to fire on your target with then you can quickly shoot them and the teammates around them with a high speed round. The 3 homing round type of fire is a bit similar to the shotgun’s homing rounds. This gun has a similar flight style to the grenade launcher. The rocket launcher is less effective at hitting enemies behind terrain and more effective at ambushing them from above.

  • Firepower: 1
  • Auto-aim Range: 2
  • Ascends quickly with low-cost, slow descent

The sniper rifle is one of the more tricky guns in the game to master. If you’re confident in your manual aim, you can increase your firepower at the risk of losing your auto-aim range. The downside of this is the fast-paced nature of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. Your targets move around more often than you’d like them to. Still, you can try and pick targets off this way when they’re reloading, especially if they’re a gatling gun user.

The auto-aim, increased range mode gives you an extra bullet but with much less firepower. This is probably more often than not the safer bet when things are getting hectic in a Peach Beach Splash match. But if you can, sneak behind the enemy while they’re distracted fighting your teammates. Your sniper gun flight has a quick ascent and a very low-cost, slow descent hover — so you can stay in the air behind your enemies as you pick them off with the increased firepower round.

  • Semi-automatic: 9
  • Full Burst: 9
  • Double jump with no flight
  • Automatically refills slowly

This is one of the choices you make when you want an agile playstyle in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. The single pistol has a low clip and only okay firepower — but what it lacks in punch, it makes up for in speed. You can’t fly, but you can do a double jump straight up or a long-range hop, all of which are incredibly fast. When in Soaking Wet mode, your full burst nearly turns this gun into a mini version of the gatling gun.

Dual Pistols
  • Firepower: 25
  • Extra Ammo: 60
  • Double jump with no flight
  • Improved jet dash
  • Automatically refills itself slowly

This is your other option in Peach Beach Splash if you’re looking for a fast-moving playstyle. You have the choice between having extra ammo or more damage. This gun does pretty weak damage, but it makes up for it by having a decent clip size in both modes. It also improves your jet dash ability, so you’re not going to be an easy target to hit despite it having a lack of flight like the pistol. Very effective against the more powerful, slow guns. Great reload rate.

Spray Gun
  • Release: 100
  • Set: 3
  • Double jump with no flight
  • Soak gauge fills quickly

This gun in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is great for when you want to be an agile character, but also don’t mind getting up close to your targets or using yourself as bait to set traps. The release mode is good for when you’re at a close-medium range, though it’s a bit weak. The set mode allows you to either shoot your enemy up close or to lay a temporary trap that, if stepped in, deals decent damage over time.

You can lure enemies into your trap then quickly dash out of the area. Repeat this until your soak mode fills up then you can just unleash an unlimited stream on your enemies as you dash around them. One of the only big drawbacks is its lack of flight.

Gatling Gun
  • Extra Ammo: 100
  • Fire Power: 40
  • Can fly up with a slow rate of ascent
  • Incredibly slow reload

My favorite weapon out of everything in Peach Beach Splash. This gun can cause some serious damage and it has a ridiculous clip size with extra ammo, as well as some decent range overall. It’s great for when you’re going against only one or two characters as its powerful stream of blasts can pretty much drown out other weapons.

The drawback is its slow flight and even slower reload rate. There’s a delay after shooting before you can reload — and if you’re completely out of ammo, you’ll be vulnerable for a few seconds as you try to reload. This makes getting ganged up on pretty much an instant death if you’re not shielded.

Although it doesn’t happen as often as it does with a few of the other guns, switching to Fire Power while having Soaking Wet mode active makes you an unstoppable beast.

Shower Gun
  • Direct Stream: 33
  • Ranged Stream: 25
  • Ascends quickly with low-cost, slow descent
  • Soak gauge fills quickly

This gun reminds me a bit of a mix between the Spray Gun’s release mode and the sniper’s mobility. The direct stream shoots straight ahead and has a decent clip size. The ranged stream will spread out, almost like the shotgun, so it’s pretty effective when going against multiple targets. The spread on the ranged stream with the flight capabilities of the sniper rifle make it an effective gun to use when flying over groups of enemies in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. This is especially true when your Soaking Wet mode is active.

Choosing the Right Cards in Peach Beach Splash

After picking out your gun, this is the next most important aspect of picking the right gameplay style. Each character has several of their own cards, ranging in rank from N/1-star to UR/5-star in terms of rarity. The higher the rank, usually the more powerful it is — but sometimes it comes at an increased cost. Some of the cards provide you with bonus attacks, some provide you or your team with buffs, and others provide the enemy team with debuffs. Knowing which cards to take with which gun will increase your chances of winning more often in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

You can unlock these cards by getting card packs. You get said packs by completing missions or by purchasing them in the shop. Most of the card packs are unavailable in the shop initially, but can be acquired by beating the single player missions in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. There are eight different pack types, each with their own type of character cards that are more common:

  • Gessen Pack: Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, and Minori are most common here.
  • Hanzo Pack: Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, and Hibari are the most common.
  • Hebijo Pack: Miyabi, Murasaki, Imu, Ryoubi, and Ryouna are most common.
  • Crimson Squad: Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, and Haruka are most common.
  • PBS Pack: Ryouki, Renka, Hanabi, and Kafuru are most common.
  • Paradise Pack: Pet cards are most common (see section below this one)
  • Queen Pack: Leo, Yuuyaki, and Souji are most common.
  • Survival Pack: Ayame, Daidouji, and Rin are most common.
  • Venus Pack: Naraku and Kagura are most common.

Attack Cards

These are the cards that will actively do damage to your enemy in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. You should try your best to have at least one of these, especially ones with useful effects like Freeze or Zap, in order to have an offensive option available if you’re caught off guard while reloading.

  • Yumi: Shoots an icy projectile in front of the user, freezing any opponent it hits.
  • Yozakura: Pounds the area in front of the user with a dimension-shattering punch that can destroy barriers (some cards give invulnerability).
  • Asuka: Projects a controllable energy wave along the ground in front of the user.
  • Ikaruga: Slashes the air repeatedly in front of the user.
  • Katsuragi: Shoots a dimension-breaking projectile in front of the user that can destroy barriers.
  • Hibari: Shoots an electric bouncing projectile in front of the user, zapping any opponent it hits.
  • Miyabi: Creates a gravitational vortex in front of the user that sucks opponents in (some cards give invulnerability).
  • Murasaki: Engulfs the user in a surging wave, which Stuns any opponent it hits (Some give invulnerability).
  • Homura: Shoots a fiery burning projectile in front of the user, Burning any opponent it hits.
  • Yomi: Creates a controllable tornado in front of the user, blowing away any opponents in reach.
  • Hikage: Shoots a toxic homing projectile in front of the user, Poisoning any opponent it hits.
  • Mirai: Shoots homing (or bouncing, depending on the card) projectiles in front of the user.
  • Renka: Creates multiple controllable (or ranged, depending on the card) pillars of light which Zap any opponent they hit in front of the user.
  • Leo: Projects an aimable laser in front of the user (some split three ways horizontally, others split vertically depending on card).
  • Yuuyaki: Executes a large horizontal (or vertical depending on card) slash in front of the user.

Buff Cards

These are the cards in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash that give you or your team some sort of temporary buff or barrier to help you gain an advantage over the enemy team. Depending on which version of the character Skill Card you pick, some will affect your character only whereas others, with higher costs, will affect your whole team.

  • Minori: Recovers the user’s or the user’s team’s health
  • Yagyuu: Increases the user’s or user’s team’s jet jump efficiency
  • Ayame: Makes the user (or user’s location icon) invisible to the opposing team
  • Imu: Improves the user’s or user’s team’s jet dash efficiency
  • Ryoubi: Increases the user’s (maybe user’s team’s?) shot damage
  • Haruka: Increases the user’s or user’s team’s Soak Gauge
  • Naraku: Creates a static (or reflective, depending on card) barrier around the user
  • Daidouji: Increases the user’s team’s shot and melee damage
  • Rin: Increases the user’s or user’s team’s Jet Dash speed
  • Hanabi: Increases the user’s or user’s team’s melee damage
  • Kafuru: Improves the user’s or user’s team’s reload speed
  • Ryouki: Creates a mobile barrier around the user or their team


These are the cards that will either temporarily debuff or disrupt your opposing team in some way. These are some of the most effective cards in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

  • Murakumo: Disrupts opponents’ reloads and reduces their reload speed
  • Shiki: Reduces opposing team’s melee damage
  • Yagyuu: Decreases the enemy’s Jet Jump efficiency
  • Imu: Reduces opposing team’s Jet Dash efficiency
  • Ryouna: Reduces opposing team’s shot damage (Also effective against certain grunts)
  • Kagura: Reduces opposing team’s melee and shot damage (effective against certain grunts)
  • Rin: Reduces the opposing team’s Jet Dash speed

Pet Cards

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash lets you choose three pets to take with you into combat. These pets are similar to the character skill cards, but some also act like automatic versions of other guns or do things that the skill cards don’t. I recommend trying to get these as soon as possible so you have access to as many pets as you can from the get go. You can get them easily by completing Paradise Episodes for Paradise Packs.

There are two types of pets, more or less: the small ones that can be activated in mid-air and the robot walkers that you have to be on the ground to activate. The walkers last for a short time, granting you invulnerability while inside of them, and explode at the end of their life, so it’s important to dismount them before taking any damage. Here are the pets available in Peach Beach Splash:

  • Puppet Ball: A pet that fires explosive rounds; leveling it up increases the rate of fire.
  • Bebeby: A pet that can lower the opponent’s firing accuracy.
  • Luka: A pet that fires like an assault rifle.
  • Ninto: A pet that fires homing lighting rounds, zapping any opponent it hits; leveling it increases the rate of fire.
  • Amano: A pet that self-destruct when close to an opponent, zapping any foes caught in its blast radius.
  • Kotarou and Kagerou: A pet that closes in on the opponent and performs slashes at them.
  • Hanzou: A pet that restores your health periodically.
  • Baby Bat: A pet that self-destructs when close to an opponent, Poisoning any foes in the blast radius.
  • Kagura: A pet that creates a mobile barrier around the user.
  • Ushiwakamaru: A pet that fires like a spray gun.
  • Pontarou: A pet that turns the user invisible for a limited amount of time.
  • Puppet Walker (Wood): A large pet with an assault rifle.
  • Pupper Walker (Red): A large pet with a spray gun.
  • Puppet Walker (Green): A large pet with a grenade launcher.
  • Puppet Walker (?): Will be added later when I get it.
  • Puppet Walker (White): A large pet with a sniper rifle.

Builds to Help You Achieve S-Rank in Peach Beach Splash

If you want your Senran to be the very best in Peach Beach Splash, you’re going to have to build your deck around your gun. To win the single-player tournaments and online matches, this also means building your character’s build around your team’s build. While an all Gatling Gun, all attack Skill Card team might seem fun, believe me when I say you’ll get slaughtered when everyone has to reload and the enemy team is freshly respawned or covered in barriers. I tried it and got soaked.

I propose two Peach Beach Splash builds to help you get started. You can tweak these as you see fit, but these are what have helped me the most:

Tanky Gatling Gun Build
  • Pets: Kagura, Hanzou, and Pontarou
  • Skill Cards: Ryouki, Ryouna, Miyabi, Minori, Haruka, and Kafuru

This Peach Beach Splash build, as the name implies, is about staying alive while using the Gatling Gun. You have both a pet and a skill card to ensure you have plenty of barriers while you reload as well as to heal when you’re behind cover after getting a kill.

Ryouna is there in case you’re being bombarded by enemy fire, Kafuru is there to give you better reload speed, Pontarou is there for you to turn invisible and hide while you reload, and Miyabi is there to suck your enemies into the same area for spraying them with Gatling Gun fire. Haruka is there to give you a chance to enter Soaking Wet mode with the Gatling Gun.

Some acceptable substitutes for this Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash build are Ryoubi for Ryouna, in case you want to increase your own firepower instead of decreasing the enemy’s. You can also swap out Imu for Kafuru if you’re worried more about your mobility over your reload speed. 

This deck is incredibly strong if you have a team to protect you or if you’re doing a Peach Beach Splash storyline mission where you only face one opponent. I have to be careful using this build in the Paradise Episodes because I tend to beat my opponent before the characters’ dialogue finishes.

If you’re outnumbered or with a group that doesn’t have your back, you’re going to have to really rely on your cards and the map’s cover to stay alive. This is my go-to Peach Beach Splash deck for V-Road tournaments.

Agile Double Pistols Build
  • Pets: Kagura, Ninto, and a Puppet Walker
  • Skill Cards: Minori, Murakumo, Yozakura, Yumi, Shiki, and Imu

This Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash build is all about hit and run. Kagura and Minori are there to make sure you have some survivability. Ninto and Yumi are there to lock down your opponents when you get close to them, allowing you to unleash a few tanks before zooming back out to safety. Murakumo is there in case you face any Gatling Gun or other heavy damage users; you can disrupt their reloads, slow the speed, and go in for a quick assault before leaving after the debuff wears off.

Yozakura is there for getting up in your opponents’ faces, breaking their barriers, and wasting them before they get a chance to know what hit them. Imu (the self-increase kind) is there to give you an even better Jet Dash. Shiki is there to decrease your opponents’ melee attacks in case they try to knock you down when you’re in their face. After getting in close to your opponent, you can activate your Puppet Walker (which one is up to you) to do more serious damage while giving you invulnerability. If you play your Senran Kagura cards right, you’ll be an untargetable force to be reckoned with.

Some alternatives for this Peach Beach Splash deck are swapping out Kagura for Hanzou or Minori for Ryouki. If you feel like you’re good on health, you can try to use more barrier cards to allow you to get up in your opponents’ faces more often. 

This build for Peach Beach Splash is the one I use when I’m not super confident in my team’s ability. You sacrifice a bit of damage by using the dual pistols, but gain a lot in survivability by being so mobile. This is my go-to deck for missions where I’m outnumbered or for V-Road tournament matches where my Gatling Gun build doesn’t work as well.

That does it for this Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash tips and tricks guide. This is what helped me get through the game, and I hope it helps you too. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or know what Jasmine’s card and the missing Puppet Walker card do, please let me know in the comments! I’d like to hear your recommendations for character and team builds.

If you’re looking for more Senran Kagura content, you’re in luck. We’ll have a review, leveling/grinding guide, character and costume unlock guide, and trophy guide up in no time. Stay tuned!

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