Shadow of the Colossus Dormin Sword Guide

Along with a graphical remaster comes a secret treasure hunt for 79 gold enlightenment coins and the killer Sword Of Dormin!

Along with a graphical remaster comes a secret treasure hunt for 79 gold enlightenment coins and the killer Sword Of Dormin!
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A whole new generation of players can finally jump on a sleek new version of the genre-defining Shadow of the Colossus now that the remaster has arrived for PS4.

While much of the game remains the same, there have been secret additions that players need to uncover while exploring the world — like the elusive Sword of Dormin!

Named after the spirit who guides you throughout the course of the game, this hard-to-find sword deals significant extra damage, but at the cost of slower health regen for Wander.

Having trouble finding the new weapon? Below we walk you through the process of finding the Shadow of the Colossus Sword of Dormin so you don’t miss out on the remaster’s secret treasure hunt!

The Dormin Sword awaits for those willing to work for it Want to get your hands on this beautiful sword? There’s a lot of searching ahead!

Shadow of the Colossus Sword of Dormin Location

The original version of the game featured lizard tails and fruit trees to find and collect across a vast but empty world, and with the remastered Shadow of the Colossus version, there is now a third collectible known as enlightenments (or gold coins if you feel like calling a spade a spade).

You might recall a reference at the end of the original game to trudging up 79 steps to finally reach enlightenment. As expected, 79 steps isn’t exactly a quick quest, and finding the Dormin Sword will take a lot of searching across the whole game world as you track down all 79 sets of sparkly gold coins.

Enlightenment Coin Hunting

These coins are found just about everywhere, but they’re in slightly out-of-the-way locations, like in the water on a beach or at the top of a cliff face.

Sadly, there’s no immediate upgrade or benefit to finding individual enlightenment gold coins since the reward only arrives after you pick up all 79 coins and return to the game’s starting point.

This is a real Easter egg hunt, as the map doesn’t show the location of enlightenment coins or even give hints as to general areas. Instead, you’ve got to search high and low across each map and listen for an audio cue.

Much like with the flashlight from The Last of Us or activating the focus in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the PS4 controller itself will emit a sparkle sound to let you know you are close to a coin. 

When you manage to pick up all 79 enlightenment coins, return to the shrine starting area and look for the big locked door covered with square runes, which will now be lit up by sparkles like the coins. While it appears there’s no obvious way to open the door, just hit R2 to pray in front of it, and the door will slide open to reveal a new area.

Pray in front of this door to reveal the area containing the Sword of Dormin Pray here (thanks to YouTuber PS4Trophies for the screenshot).

Run down the ramp towards a cave in the basement of the shrine that you couldn’t access before. The sword is found at the end of a long hallway floating in the recess of a giant stone structure. Look inside the glowing blue hollow and pray to get your nifty new sword!

Not sure how many enlightenment coins you have and how many are still left to be found? Head over to the map screen and check the bottom corner to see a new entry logging how many steps on the path to enlightenment you’ve taken so far.

You can find this item tracking log in the Shadow of the Colossus map screen It’s a long journey to finding the sword, but the results are worth it!

Good luck finding all the enlightenment coins, and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know about your victory when you finally unlock the Shadow of the Colossus Dormin Sword!

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