Shadowgun Legends: Beginner’s Guide

Here's a rundown on how to begin your journey in Shadowgun Legends.

Here's a rundown on how to begin your journey in Shadowgun Legends.

In Shadowgun Legends from MADFINGER Games, you are the hero needed to put a stop to the invasion as the fight against aliens has left humanity grasping at straws. Like its predecessors Shadowgun and Shadowgun: Deadzone, Shadowgun Legends also brings fast-paced FPS action elements while adding in a taste of RPG and a few extra PvP elements. All the same, Shadowgun Legends has a promising storyline. With its Destiny-like vibes, knowing how to begin and what to expect may make maneuvering through the game even more thrilling. Here’s how to get started in Shadowgun Legends.

Customize Your Character

After the opening segment, the option to customize your hero pops up. The first choice to make is to decide if you want to be a male or female. There’s nothing special about picking one over the other, so, like the other customization options, this is about preference.

character creation screen in Shadowgun Legends

After picking between male or female, you can further modify your character by changing the skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, face type, jaw shape, eyebrow shape, eye shape, eye color, makeup, and all those little details. If you do not care about your character’s looks one way or another, you can randomize. After you finish tinkering and you’re happy with your choice, click on Accept & Continue to move the game along. 


As a new enlistee, you get the option to pick your name. With picking your name, you also will have the chance to see your starting salary. Make sure you pick a name you like, because once you finalize your pick, you cannot go back and change it.

As a new enlistee, you are paid a daily salary, so make sure to sign on each day to receive your salary and fatten your pockets. Even if it’s not a game day, it’s still worth it to sign on and make your money. 

How to Move

Once you’re enlisted, it’s time to move. Moving might be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, then you’re good to go.

a screen pop up instruction the player on how to move and look around in Shadowgun Legends

With your left hand, you can move your character forward, back, and side-to-side. To move forward, drag your thumb closer to the top of the screen. To back up, pull your thumb toward the bottom of the screen. To go side-to-side, move your thumb either to the right or the left, depending on the desired direction. You can also control the speed of your character, meaning walking or running.

With your right hand, you can control what your screen sees. So, on the right side, drag your finger along the screen to move the camera. You can even go in a full 360. 

Welcome to The Hub

Think of the Hub as home base. The Hub has everything you need for alien-fighting adventure. The tour will take place once you arrive.

the main character in Shadowgun Legends coming upon the hub

You’ll find you won’t be able to access anything until you complete your first mission, but here are the important people you can expect to see in the Hub at the beginning of your adventure. 

John Slade – Mission Control:

screen showing John Slade of Mission Control

When it comes to mission assignments, John Slade is your guy. Not only does Slade hand out the main quest missions, but he also gives you side missions as well. When accepting missions, you can see what rewards come with each mission.   

Big Red – Armorama:

armor options from Big Red in Shadowgun Legends

Need to suit up? Big Red has all your gear needs available in one stop. You can buy gear, you can sell gear, and you can read the descriptions for all of the gear to see which best suits you. You must go to the inventory to equip your gear.

 Willow – Weapons Shop

A multitude of weapon options at the bottom of the weapon shop in Shadowgun Legends

Weapons are Willow’s forte, and all the weapons you need can be found at his shop. When looking at the weapons, you are able to see various stats, such as power, ammo, aiming, etc. Like the gear, weapons cannot be equipped in the shop; you must go to your inventory.

Later on, after completing more missions and rising in rank, you will be able to access other areas in the Hub — for now, worry about the essentials.

Starting the Missions

As mentioned, John Slade is the one who will be handing out mission assignments. So, when you first begin the game, you’ll be provided with an arrow that leaves light trails — follow the trail and find Slade to access your first mission.

a pop-up indicating that a new mission is available appears in the top-left corner of the screen in Shadowgun Legends

When you reach Slade, there is only one mission you can accept in the beginning. Once you’ve accepted your first mission, click on the battle map to start. This is how you will begin all of your missions.

a campaign mission location is spotlighted on a battle map screen in Shadowgun Legends

Each mission comes with a note from Slade, a ranking number, a reminder of the rewards, and a specific objective to be reached. When you’re ready, tap on launch to start the mission

At last, you are ready to begin your first step in alien annihilation. The first mission will come with interactive steps to help you get the hang of it. Once you get in the groove and complete your first mission, the rest is a cinch. 


Did this guide help you make your first moves in the Shadowgun Legends world? Drop us a comment to let us know your experience first-hand and any other cool things you noted, and remember that GameSkinny is always here for your gaming needs.

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