Learn how to survive and get the best loot in this beginner's guide to Shattered Skies.

Shattered Skies Beginner Tips and Tricks

Learn how to survive and get the best loot in this beginner's guide to Shattered Skies.
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Shattered Skies may not have a set of strict rules or realistic survival elements, but it requires players to know the map well and always be prepared for unexpected attacks either by other players or aliens.

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This beginner’s guide will give you a few important tips on how to survive in the harsh world of Shattered Skies and how to make the most out of its environments.

Find water-wells or purify water

Shattered Skies water well

Shattered Skies is just as much about the shooting as it is about survival, so you need to spend some time collecting supplies, such as food and water. Collecting water can be a bit tricky since you also need to find empty bottles where you can keep it.

Then, locate water wells on the map. It’s pretty easy to do: just open your map and hover a mouse cursor over the various locations, the pop-up window will indicate if there is a water-well. Now you can head to one of these places and refill your empty bottles with clean water.

Of course, you can find dirty water all around, but first you need to purify it before drinking. There are two ways how to purify water in Shattered Skies: you can use special pills, or you can set up a campfire and boil it.

Use starlight coins to buy stuff

Shattered Skies vendor

Starlight coins are an in-game currency in Shattered Skies, which you can use to buy gear and weapons at the faction vendors located at every outpost on the map.

You can get starlight coins at the specialized vendors using two obtainable materials: rare material parts and meteor crystals, which can be found at Northern and Southern Excavation locations on the map.

Also, your faction reputation will influence the availability of special items to you. So, the higher your reputation, the better stuff you can buy at the vendors.

Gain faction reputation and experience

Shattered Skies map

If you need to unlock special items at your faction’s vendor, you need to accomplish certain tasks for your faction. As you do this, your reputation will simultaneously decrease on other factions.

For example, if you want to build up your Brotherhood of Chaos rep, you need to destroy specially marked buildings on the territory of Dominion guild, or repair MG Uplink stations to gain Merchant’s Guild reputation.

You also gain experience points through taking part in various game events, opening chests, and killing aliens.

Some players have even found an easy way to farm experience at the reactor facility to the north from Mistyvale.

All you have to do is hide behind one of the crates near the stairs and wait until a high-level alien gets stuck between the crates and the stairs. Kill as many as you want this way and gain a lot of free XP.

Looting crates and opening boxes

Shattered Skies crate

There are hundreds of big crates and thousands of small boxes full of useful items scattered all over the map. The best crates you can find are large orange ones – they have the best kind of loot. However, you need to find one that hasn’t been activated/opened yet by other players, otherwise you will have to wait for two hours before the loot respawns.

Whenever you obtain attachment boxes from these crates try to hold on to them for a while and don’t open them right away. This is necessary due to the fact that you may still be in a danger zone and in case you get killed, your boxes will not drop. So, get out to a safe zone and open your boxes there.


Remember that it’s important to play Shattered Skies in a group with other players, simply because you will be less vulnerable to ambushes. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the game in a single mode — for some players it even makes things more exciting.

Also, if you have issues with frame drops in the game, here is a guide to help you fix this problem, too.

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