Unlock and use only the best weapons in Shatterline with the help of this tier list guide.

Shatterline: Best Weapons Tier List

Unlock and use only the best weapons in Shatterline with the help of this tier list guide.

Currently, there are 25 weapons in Shatterline, all of which are divided into five categories: submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and sidearms (pistols). To make the most of every match, you’ll need to focus on the best across the game. 

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This Shatterline guide will list only the best weapons in a tier list fashion, ranging from S-Tier to B-Tier, including their strengths and weaknesses.

S-Tier Weapons


  • Type: Submachine Gun.

Shatterline SMGs are especially powerful, and the best in the game is undoubtedly Tornado, which is perfectly balanced in all aspects. It has good stability, a high fire rate, and surprisingly high damage. All this makes Tornado well-suited for both PvE and PvP modes. It also has a default magazine size of 50 rounds.

However, since it’s the final weapon in the Armory tree, you will have to unlock all other SMGs before you can grab this one.

A-9 Legatus

  • Type: Assault Rifle.

If you’re more interested in the highest possible fire rate than the gun stability, then the Legatus would be an excellent alternative to the SMG.

Both Tornado and Legatus have the same reload speed at 2.5 seconds, but Legatus has a smaller magazine of only 30 bullets, which can be enhanced with an extension attachment.

For an assult rifle, Legatus doesn’t have a ton of range, but if mastered, it can become your best weapon.

A-Tier Weapons

SAG-8 Reaper

  • Type: Sniper Rifle.

Want a sniper rifle that can one-shot an enemy? The SAG-8 Reaper fits the bill with its high damage stat. It also has a decent range for a sniper rifle, though it could have better aiming and stability stats. You can improve the sway stability while aiming, using the Reaper Mural modification.

XM-27 Pacifier

  • Type: Assault Rifle.

Many consider Pacifier one of the best ARs in the game, and it can easily be compared to Legatus, as they share almost similar stats. Pacifier has only one drawback: low accuracy.

There is the Pacifier Neon mod, which increases aiming by 20%, but it’s still a bit of work to shoot targets precisely. Other than that, Pacifier is another excellent choice among all other ARs available in the game.

Z-940 Drachen

  • Type: Submachine Gun.

Drachen is probably the only SMG in Shatterline that doesn’t require any additional attachments; stat-wise, this weapon is a real beast in all regards.

However, its bullet drop is quite significant, and the further you are from your enemy, the less damage it deals. If you’re standing 30 meters away from the target, it will take only 5 bullets for Pacifier to kill an enemy, but it takes Drachen 11 bullets.

B-Tier Weapons

R21 Brute

  • Type: Shotgun.

Shotguns typically have high damage stats and a low rate of fire. What makes Brute such a good shotgun is the speed at which it fires.

Although it still has significant recoil, it works as a solid close-range weapon that doesn’t require a dozen shots to kill an enemy. The developer recently increased its range, too, making it a deadlier threat.

G5 Earl

  • Type: Sidearm.

Any experienced player can confirm that having a pistol as your sidearm is absolutely essential for winning match-ups in PvP mode. The reason is that in Shatterline, reloading a gun takes longer than simply switching to another weapon. Often in PvP, you don’t have long to reload, and that’s where switching to the Earl pistol could be a real game changer.

G5 Earl has the highest accuracy among all pistols in the game. But as with all pistols, the bullet drop is quite steep; high precision works only in close range combat, and the effect will be mitigated once your target gets further away.

U44 Culverina

  • Type: Sidearm.

If you want a pistol with both high damage and range, then the Culverina revolver can really make a difference.

While the Culverina is powerful, it’s harder to aim than some other sidearms, so you’ll still need to use this as close to your target as possible. It somewhat makes up for that, though, with one of the shortest reload times in the game, clocking at only 1.7 seconds.

Those are all the best weapons in Shatterline. For more, check out our best Operators list right here

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