Shining Beyond Best Characters Tier List

This tier list highlights the best warriors, rangers, rogues, and acolytes in Shining Beyond.

This tier list highlights the best warriors, rangers, rogues, and acolytes in Shining Beyond.
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Shining Beyond, a new mobile RPG from the creators of Valiant Force, has a massive number of heroes to choose from, and unlike other mobile games, it provides you with high-tier characters much more often during re-rolls.

It can be hard to choose the right hero, but this tier list guide will show you the best characters to pick in Shining Beyond. Keep in mind that the two best and most effective classes in the game are Warriors and Rangers, while Rogues and Acolytes can be excellent support characters for your team composition.

Let’s dive in. 

S-Tier Characters

  • Class: Warrior
  • Best Jobs: Paladin, Dark Templar

The biggest advantage of using Athena  and the main reason why she has been the number one choice for so many players  is her ability to self-heal, which eliminates the need to recruit a separate healer for your team.

This also makes her a fantastic tank, who can easily take on a lot of damage. On top of that, Athena levels up extremely fast, making her great for both beginners and experienced players.

  • Class: Ranger
  • Best Jobs: Elementalist, Stalker

Artemis’ main weapon skill is her strongest trait, which not only increases the chance of dealing critical hit damage but also protects her from negative status effects.

Her ultimate ability, Abyssal Seeker, causes bleed, which is important when facing harder enemies. It also sends out three missiles that can deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at a time.

Artemis also has the PvP Mastery skill, the primary reason most high ranking players keep her in their lineup.

A-Tier Characters

  • Class: Ranger
  • Best Jobs: Elementalist, Grand Ranger

There is no better support character in Shining Beyond than Emiko due to her massive debuff skills, awesome PvP skills, and the wide area of effect of her abilities. 

Emiko can cast the poisonous status effect on enemies and reduce enemy attack speed by 35%. Apart from that, she can buff all of her ally attacks and boost damage.

  • Class: Rogue
  • Best Jobs: Stalker, Samurai

Jenny has one massive advantage over other characters: her stealth ability, which makes her invisible and essentially immune to enemy attacks and status effects. 

Her Pangaea Impact skill deals massive 315% damage to a single target, which is excellent for one-shotting bosses.

Just like Athena, she can stay alive for a very long time on her own due to her life-steal and mana boost abilities.

B-Tier Characters

  • Class: Acolyte
  • Best Jobs: Archbishop, Elementalist

In case you can’t roll Athena, then rolling Theia is the next best bet. She has a protective heal shield like Athena, which keeps her and her allies alive.

She has unique damage skills, such as Lightbringer, which can devastate any enemy, dealing high damage and reducing their attack speed by 87%.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced acolyte that can both heal and deal damage, then Theia is an excellent choice. Her only weakness is that she is not very good in Arena.

  • Class: Warrior
  • Best Jobs: Paladin, Dark Templar

While Jenny can stay alive with life-steal Freya can absorb enemy defenses, which is not only unusual but also very useful.

Freya is also an excellent taunter, who can take on a lot of damage before redirecting it. Fang of Valeria is a great defensive hero skill that can protect allies with a massive shield.

Combine her with Athena in arena to create perhaps the best base in the game. Unfortunately, she is not good on her own, working best alongside other S-tier characters. 

  • Class: Ranger
  • Best Jobs: Stalker, Elementalist

Kane is a pure DPS ranger that is excellent for dealing damage, but not much else.

His Reinholt Comet skill deals excruciating 435% damage. Combine it with his debuff skills, and you will have enough time on your hands to wait for the comet’s cooldown, and blast your enemies one more time.

These are the best characters in Shining Beyond. If you enjoyed reading this article, then consider giving it a share.

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