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Should You Attack Scar in Wuthering Waves? All Scar Answers

Should you attack Scar or answer his questions in Wuthering Waves?

One of the major story beats in Wuthering Waves‘ main quest chain is the encounter with Scar in the village. The game will give you the option to attack him or learn more about the events that took place here. So, should you attack Scar in Wuthering Waves?

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All Scar Answers Guide in Wuthering Waves

I wouldn’t recommend trying to attack Scar right away since you’ll miss out on learning what happened to the village and miss an interesting series of cutscenes. If you choose the option to attack him right away, he’ll take you to the boss fight early. That said, you’ll be able to fight him at the end of the investigation anyway, so I’d explore around first.

Essentially, there are just a few locations in the village to investigate and learn about what happened to the village. Then, Scar will ask you several questions when you finish investigating, and the right answers are as follows:

  • “Who was the real culprit…?”: The White Lambs.
  • “What price did the lambs pay…?”: Their Lives.
  • “What happened to the black lamb?”: It was murdered by its flock and the shepherd.
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Note that there is no penalty for giving a wrong answer. Scar will just have a different dialogue option. At the end of the questioning scene, Scar will transport you to a small dungeon area where you’ll have to traverse to his fighting arena with the grapple. The Scar boss fight is pretty easy if at least one of your Resonators is above Level 18 or Ascended for the first time. A decent weapon also helps. Just keep track of his attacks and dodge while attacking for counters when you can.

That’s it for my guide on whether you should attack Scar in Wuthering Waves. For more Wuthering Waves guides, check out our guide on World Bosses.

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