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Should You Give Caerlin Intelligence or Defense in Tavern Talk

How does your drink affect Caerlin's quest in Tavern Talk?

While you don’t get to make choices with an impact often, a few occasions where you can affect the story and its characters pop up. Caerlin is a strong character, but she sees two ways to handle her quest. So, should you give Caerlin Intelligence or Defense in Tavern Talk?

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Tavern Talk: Should You Give Caerlin Intelligence or Defense

Caerlin takes one of the two quests that you post for Kyle. Specifically, she takes the quest to get chimera saliva, which apparently is a suitable sunscreen for vampires. Like with other quests, she decides that she can take one of two approaches to complete the quest, but she wants you to pick which approach she takes. She can either try to outwit the chimera with Intelligence or use Defense to fight it.

What Happens If You Give Caerlin Intelligence

Caerlin heard from her Baba that chimeras love a good ruse, so she figured that she could use Intelligence to get the saliva without a fight. At the same time, she’d be able to fulfill her late Baba’s wish of seeing one in person. If you pick to give her Intelligence, she returns happy that she fooled the chimera. However, the chimera saw through her ruse at the end. But since it was a clever trick, the chimera was amused by her, so they parted on peaceful terms.

What Happens If You Give Caerlin Defense

Giving Caerlin Defense means that she’ll take a more violent approach against the chimera. With this choice, she’ll return rather sad after the quest. She feels bad that she killed the chimera, which her Baba considered a Guardian. You attempt to lift her spirits, but there’s still a sense of melancholy about her quest. However, she’s glad that she was able to defeat a legendary creature. She even gave it an honorable funeral, believing that her Baba was there to guide her sword and that a chimera deserved this much respect from her.

When it comes to whether you should give Caerlin Intelligence or Defense in Tavern Talk, it depends on how you want to influence her character. I liked her story about how she fools the chimera, and she’s clearly happier with the outcome. But from here, check out our Tavern Talk hub for more content!

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