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Should You Play as Emily or Edward First in Alone in the Dark?

Does it matter if you pick Emily or Edward first in Alone in the Dark?

One of the first choices you make in Alone in the Dark is which character to play: Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby. Aside from listing that Emily is Jeremy’s niece and Edward is a Private Investigator, you don’t get information about them. So, should you play as Emily or Edward first in Alone in the Dark?

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Alone in the Dark: Which Character Should You Play First?

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Although relatively short, Alone in the Dark is meant to be played at least two times, once as each main character. However, the game doesn’t give you any hints as to which character should be played first or if the order makes any difference. And in the end, which character you play first is up to personal preference. But I recommend playing as Edward first.

The Differences Between Edward and Emily

While both characters follow the same story beats for most of the game, they each have unique sections that the other character doesn’t experience. Additionally, the residents at Decerto interact with them differently.

Because Edward is a Private Investigator without personal stakes in Jeremy’s fate, he feels like the better choice for a first playthrough. He’s there because he’s being paid, giving him a bit of distance from the events. But that quickly turns into curiosity about Decerto’s secrets and a need to survive.

Then, Emily is more connected to Decerto and the events happening there. Her uncle is the person who’s missing and likely connected to the mansion’s mysteries. I prefer playing her section second because it feels like you observe the story as Edward and then take a step deeper into it as Emily. Of course, it all comes together after going through both playthroughs. And if you collect certain Lagniappes, you witness changes to the ending.

In the end, you should play the character you prefer first in Alone in the Dark. I feel like Edward’s run is more fitting for a first playthrough, but that might not be true for everybody. Luckily, the game is flexible in this case, so you don’t have to worry about making a wrong choice right at the beginning. From here, check out our guide hub as we work to continue adding more content!

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