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Silent Hill 2 Release Date, Editions, and Pre-Order Bonuses

Everything you need to know about purchasing Silent Hill 2!

Silent Hill 2 finally has a release date set. Not only that, you can see the editions that will be available and the bonuses that come with them. If you missed the official announcement, here’s the Silent Hill 2 release date, editions, and pre-order bonuses!

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Release Date, Different Editions, and Pre-Order Bonuses for Silent Hill 2

The remake of Silent Hill 2 done by Bloober Team has an official release date of October 7, 2024, for both PC and PlayStation 5. As such, it’ll be a perfect game to grab and play for Halloween. You have two editions to choose from: Standard and Deluxe. Both versions can be pre-ordered, which comes with additional rewards.

If you buy the Standard Edition but don’t pre-order it, then you have access to the game without anything extra. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition gives you the game and a Mira the Dog Mask, which is a costume for James. Mira is the iconic dog from the Dog Ending, and the mask even has her headset on it. The price for this edition is $69.99 USD.

Then, there’s the Deluxe Edition. Without pre-ordering it, the Deluxe Edition gives you the game, digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and a Pyramid Head Mask costume for James, which is made out of a pizza box. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you get all the same bonuses, but with the addition of the Mira the Dog Mask and 48-hour Early Access. The price for this version is $79.99 USD.

That covers the Silent Hill 2 release date, editions, and pre-order bonuses. When it comes to which edition is right for you, it definitely depends on how much you want to spend and how much you value any extra rewards. As somebody who’s been waiting for this remake, I certainly hope that we don’t see any delays. For now, check out more spooky content, like one where I rank all Silent Hill main games!

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