SimCity 5 – No Friends Region Play Tip

Region Play due to an issue with friends selection is a bit... ummm... borked. However, with this tip you can get it working.
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How to Join a Region With Friends

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SimCity 5 is a fun game… but it has some launch warts. For one, Origin’s friend system is screwed up, and with it so is the private region play.

So here is a quick tip on:

How to join regions in SimCity 5

  1. You need to be on the same server (at the launch screen lower left).
  2. Someone needs to create the region.
  3. Make the region public.
  4. The Friend system may or may not show your friends. So, go to Friends and search for them by Name. Like in the image below.
  5. Type in their name, hit enter, and the search will show them even though they don’t show in your list. It will also show the region they are in.
  6. Then you can click to join their region.

You’re off to mayorship! Enjoy!

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