SINoALICE Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

Choose the best weapons for your party in SINoALICE using this tier list guide.

Choose the best weapons for your party in SINoALICE using this tier list guide.

SINoALICE has recently gotten its global release. If you’ve been playing any amount of time, you know how important it is to stockpile a variety of weapons. This guide will provide you with a list of the best weapons in the game of each type.

Since all weapons are upgradable in the game from lowest to top tier, we are going to go over just the top-tier weapons of each type, which you can use on your respective characters.

Best Blade Weapons

Wind-Cutting Blade

  • Physical attack: 3428
  • Physical defense: 1848
  • Magic attack: 2586
  • Magic defense: 1702

This wind blade is the most powerful physical weapon in SINoAlice right now.

The default ability of Wind-Cutting Blade  deals colossal physical damage to a single target and recovers 100 SP in the process. It also has a chance to greatly increase damage while attacking.

Rippling of the Sea of Clouds

  • Physical attack: 3216
  • Physical defense: 1710
  • Magic attack: 3012
  • Magic defense: 1602

The only other equally powerful alternative to Wind-Cutting Blade is this water blade that has a huge magical attack stat in addition to its physical attack.

Besides dealing excruciating amount of physical damage to a single enemy, it also increases your character’s overall power when Party Summon is active.

Best Ranged Weapons

Heavenly Bow of the Judged Sin

  • Physical attack: 2877
  • Physical defense: 1646
  • Magic attack: 3333
  • Magic defense: 1708

This water-type bow combines physical and magical attacks to a great effect. Just like Wind-Cutting Blade it restores 100 SP during an attack and has a chance of increasing its own physical power while attacking a single enemy.

Trial Gun of Condemnation

  • Physical attack: 2944
  • Physical defense: 1598
  • Magic attack: 3273
  • Magic defense: 1702

Guns can be just as effective as bows, and this gun is especially useful during the Party Summon phase, as it increases your overall power level.

In the Colosseum, it increases your magical attack stat up to 1200 extra points.

Best Staff Weapons

Staff of the Moving Fetal

  • Physical attack: 2598
  • Physical defense: 2001
  • Magic attack: 2821
  • Magic defense: 2133

Supports simply must own Staff of the Moving Fetal, if they want to effectively heal their party at any given time of the battle.

While healing with this weapon, there is also a quite high chance of increasing its healing potential.

The Prophet’s Lie

  • Physical attack: 2823
  • Physical defense: 2063
  • Magic attack: 2592
  • Magic defense: 2045

This fire staff has a slight limit to its healing abilities, as it can heal no more than 2-3 allies at a time. But this drawback is compensated by its ability to increase their magic attack.

The Prophet’s Lie also has a certain chance of increasing your party’s support effects while providing backup.

Best Polearm Weapons

Spear of Water Sealing

  • Physical attack: 2821
  • Physical defense: 1602
  • Magic attack: 3386
  • Magic defense: 1742

If you’re looking for a weapon that can deal huge amounts of damage to more than one enemy at once, then this magical spear would be an excellent choice.

Just like any other offensive weapon in SINoALICE, Spear of Water Sealing has a chance of increasing its attack power while attacking.

Wedged Sickle of the Contract

  • Physical attack: 2879
  • Physical defense: 1571
  • Magic attack: 3432
  • Magic defense: 1646

This fire sickle is just as effective against at least 2-3 enemies, but it has a few exciting advantages as well.

When you attack with it, there is a great chance that you will get a small amount of Inochi and an ability which increases your power with more Focus in the main grid.

Best Hammer Weapons

Engraved Year

  • Physical attack: 3281
  • Physical defense: 1744
  • Magic attack: 2817
  • Magic defense: 1706

Hammers function similarly to polearms in that regard that they can deal damage to several enemies at a time, but instead of magical damage Engraved Year deals huge amount of physical damage.

Just like the previous weapon this wind-type hammer has a chance to get Inochi.

Fury of an Empress

  • Physical attack: 3394
  • Physical defense: 1805
  • Magic attack: 2688
  • Magic defense: 1646

Fury of an Empress has no extra abilities except massive physical attack stat, which can be well used against either a single target or up to three enemies at once. In that case the damage will be divided among all three targets.

Best Instrument

Musical instruments are designed specifically for supporters.

Opera of Tragedy

Opera of Tragedy is a fantastic instrument that increases the physical attack and physical defense stats of at least two allies at a time.

It also has a great chance to increase all support effects while providing backup.

Best Tome

Tomes function in a similar fashion to instruments, but instead of buffing your allies, supporters can use it to debuff enemies.

Sleeping Tempest

Sleeping Tempest reduces both physical  and magical attack of up to three enemies by a great amount, which makes things go much smoother for your party.

Also, if your party has lesser amount of party members than that of the enemy’s, Sleeping Tempest will automatically increase all of its effects, which is a really nice bonus, when things get hard.

That’s all you need to know about the best weapons in SINoALICE, and be sure to come back soon for more related guides.

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