Skyforge (PS4)- How to Invite Players to a Party

Having problems playing Skyforge on PlayStation 4 with your friends? Here are some tips to help you get a party together

Having problems playing Skyforge on PlayStation 4 with your friends? Here are some tips to help you get a party together

Skyforge, My.Com’s popular sci-fi MMORPG , was recently released on PlayStation 4, and if you like to play MMO games on consoles and enjoy playing with your friends, it’s safe to say you’re probably playing this game already. But if you and your friends just started out, you may not know how to be in an in-game party together — don’t worry that’s what this guide is here for.

Before you will be able to invite your friends to play with you, you have to make sure you have all finished the first three area missions: Dankit Island, Factory 501,  and Okki Island, respectively.  After Okki Island, you will all need to play a Cathedral tutorial before you can start playing alongside each other.

Once you have all completed the Cathedral tutorial, the option to select co-op play will be unlocked. If you press up on the D-Pad you’ll see that two new options have been unlocked on the menu: invite to group and invite to pantheon.

The first  and most obvious action you need to take once the option is available is to invite your friends to a group, and now all you will have to do is select the option on the pop-up menu.

Make sure to get your party together prior to choosing an area to explore, the friends in your party will then be invited to whichever area you choose to go.

If there is a significant difference in prestige between you and a friend, your friend will need to choose the mission as they will not be allowed into yours.

You also are only allowed to create a party with players who are within 100 prestige of you. However, you are allowed to play with other players of any prestige in a party with you as long as the player with the lowest prestige in the party chooses the mission. By doing this, the difficulty of the mission will match with the highest difficulty they’ve unlocked, and will not exceed anyone else’s difficulty level. Not the best solution if you don’t want to repeat a mission, but still a good one if you want to be able to play with all your friends at the same time or want to show them the ropes.

We hope this guide helped you and that you will now be able to enjoy playing Skyforge with your friends on PlayStation 4.

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