How to make alchemy work for you in Skyrim.

Skyrim Alchemy Starter Guide

How to make alchemy work for you in Skyrim.

Alchemy in Skyrim is a valuable skill, allowing you to brew potions and poisons that will help you on your way provided you take the time to gather ingredients. The buffs and other benefits are well worth the effort, though. In this guide we will go over training Alchemy in Skyrim.

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Getting Started with Skyrim Alchemy

Alchemy in Skyrim uses raw ingredients such as plants, mushrooms, and body parts dropped by enemies (i.e., Chaurus Eggs, Skeever Tails, even Imp Stools). If you do have certain ingredients already, you can go to any Alchemy Lab. This workstation is what you’ll use to combine these items:

  • The effects of each ingredient will remain unknown to you until they’re eaten or combined with others.
  • Once revealed, they’ll appear on the panel so you know the types of effects that you can obtain.

For more about ingredients and their effects, you can take a look at our potions and poisons recipes guide.

Skyrim Alchemy Perks

These are the perks that you can obtain when you level Alchemy in Skyrim:

  • Alchemist (has five ranks with increasing requirements starting at Alchemy 0) — Potions and poisons are stronger.
  • Physician (requires Alchemy 20 and Alchemist perk) — Potions you mix that restore health, magicka, or stamina are 25% more powerful.
  • Poisoner (requires Alchemy 30 and Physician perk) — Poisons that you mix are 25% more effective.
  • Benefactor (requires Alchemy 30 and Physician perk) — Potions that you mix with beneficial effects have an additional 25% greater magnitude.
  • Experimenter (has three ranks; requires Alchemy 50/70/90 and Benefactor) — Eating an ingredient reveals its effects.
  • Concentrated Poison (requires Alchemy 60 and Poisoner) — Poisons applied to weapons last for twice as many hits.
  • Green Thumb (requires Alchemy 70 and Concentrated Poison) — Two ingredients can be gathered from plants or harvestable objects.
  • Snakeblood (requires Alchemy 80, Concentrated Poison, and Experimenter) — Adds 50% resistance to all poisons.
  • Purity (requires Alchemy 100 and Snakeblood) — All negative effects are removed from created potions, while all positive effects are removed from created poisons.

These are the Alchemy perks that you’ll see by default in Skyrim. Try out mods like Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim by Enai Siaion and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul by Kryptopyr. These will significantly add more depth to these systems, making the leveling and creation process more engaging.

Skyrim Alchemy Books

You can level up your Alchemy skill in Skyrim by continuing to craft more potions and poisons. Moreover, you can read books that provide an increase to your Alchemy skill. This bonus can only be activated once:

  • Song of the Alchemists
  • Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim
  • A Game at Dinner
  • De Rerum Dirennis
  • Mannimarco, King of Worms
  • Oghma Infinium
Skyrim Alchemy Trainers

If you need help when leveling up the skill, you may also visit trainers:

  • Lami (Adept) – Morthal (Thaumaturgist’s Hut).
  • Arcadia (Expert) – Whiterun (Arcadia’s Cauldron).
  • Babette (Master) – Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (you’ll need to join the Dark Brotherhood to gain access to her wares).

With that all said, you’re now ready to get started doing Alchemy in Skyrim. Check out our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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