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Skyrim Dragon Locations: Where to Find Dragons

Find all dragon locations, including random encounters and quest dragons.

Dragons are some of the most fierce enemies in Skyrim. They are also the source of dragon bones, dragon scales, and special enchanted items. Dragons can also be tamed and used as flying mounts. This guide will provide you with all possible dragon locations in Skyrim.

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Where to Find Dragons in Skyrim

There are a few different ways you can come across dragons during your time in Skyrim. Once you reach a certain point in the main quests, you’re bound to encounter some naturally as you’re exploring. However, if they aren’t showing up, you can also look for them in specific locations.

There are nine distinct kinds of dragons in Skyrim that can be distinguished by colors and elements:

  1. Brown Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  2. Green Blood Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  3. White-Blue Frost Dragons (Frost)
  4. Bronze Elder Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  5. Red-Black Ancient Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  6. Orange Revered Dragons (Fire)
  7. Black-Purple Legendary Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  8. Blue Serpentine Dragons (Fire, Frost)
  9. Undead Skeletal Dragons (Frost)

Look for Dragon Lairs

You can randomly face dragons in the open world, but if you wish for a guaranteed encounter with a dragon, then you must visit one of the ten main dragon lairs, where these creatures protect ancient word walls:

  1. Ancient’s Ascent – East of Falkreath
  2. Autumnwatch Tower – West of Riften
  3. Bonestrewn Crest – South of Windhelm
  4. Dragontooth Crater – Southwest of Solitude
  5. Eldersblood Peak – South of Morthal
  6. Lost Tongue Overlook – South of Riften
  7. Mount Anthor – South of Winterhold
  8. Northwind Summit – Between Windhelm and Riften
  9. Shearpoint – Southwest of Winterhold
  10. Skyborn Altar – East of Morthal

You can also encounter one at Bleak Falls Barrow, located west of Riverwood Village. Besides that, there is one other dragon lair within Solstheim, part of the Dragonborn DLC.

  • Saering’s Watch: Located in the northern part of the Solstheim island.

Quest Dragons

Along with dragons you’ll randomly encounter or track down at the lairs around the map, you can also come across some by following the main questline or other side quests. These are the ones that your quest markers will lead you directly to.

Most of the ones for quests are at Dragon Mound locations since these are spots you’ll venture to during the main questline. However, to find dragons here, you’ll still need to have the right quests active. This is where you’ll find the mounds:

  • Surrounding regions of Solitude & Morthal
  • East of Markarth
  • South of Whiterun
  • East of Falkreath
  • South and West of Riften
  • South of Windhelm and surrounding regions


This dragon is the main antagonist of the game. You will encounter him several times throughout the main storyline at the following locations:

  • Helgen, Falkreath (“Unbound” quest)
  • Kynesgrove, Giant’s Run, Eastmarch (“A Blade in the Dark” quest)
  • Throat of the World, Whiterun (“Alduin’s Bane” quest)
  • Sovngarde, Aetherius (“Sovngarde” and “Dragonslayer” quests)


This undead dragon can be found at the Soul Cairn plane, which is accessible through the portal in the Castle Volkihar, Haafingar.


This frost dragon can be seen outside of Nchardak to the northeast of Tel Mithryn. You also need to complete “The Path of Knowledge” quest, given by Storn Crag-Strider at Skaal Village, Solstheim.


While doing the “Dragon Rising” main quest, given by Jarl Balgruuf at Dragonsreach, Whiterun, you will encounter Milmulnir outside Whiterun, attacking the Western Watchtower.

Naaslaarum & Voslaarum

These two revered dragons can be found during “Touching the Sky” quest, given by Serana at the Forgotten Vale, Haafingar. They will attack you both at once at the giant frozen lake.


There are two quests that will require you to face Odahviing:

  • Dragonsreach, Whiterun (“The Fallen” quest)
  • Throat of the World, Whiterun (“Epilogue” quest)


The leader of the Greybeards faction is one mighty dragon, who can be encountered at Throat of the World, Whiterun, during the following quests:

  • “The Throat of the World”
  • “Alduin’s Bane”
  • “Paarthurnax”
  • “Epilogue”
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Nahagliiv, Sahloknir, Viinturuth, & Vuljotnaak

These dragons are all resurrected dragons by Alduin that you encounter when following the main quests. These are the spots to find them:

  • Nahagliiv: Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt, Whiterun
  • Sahloknir: Dragon Mound: Kynesgrove Resurrection in the Eastmarch hold
  • Viinturuth: West of Anga’s Mill, The Pale, (“Elder Knowledge” quest)
  • Vuljotnaak: Great Henge Resurrection located southwest of Sleeping Tree Camp, Whiterun

Kruziikrel, Relonikiv, & Sahrotaar

These unique dragons can be encountered during the “At the Summit of Apocrypha” quest, given by Frea at Skaal Village, Solstheim. You will face the dragons after interacting with the Black Book: Waking Dreams at the Apocrypha plane inside Oblivion.


The last dragon cannot be found, but he can be summoned by following these steps:

  1. Travel to Blackreach, Winterhold, The Pale
  2. Locate a massive orb above the Debate Hall building
  3. Use Unrelenting Force dragon shout on the orb
  4. Wait for the Vulthuryol to appear

Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of where to track down all those dragons. If you have the Dragonborn DLC or the right mods, you can even tame some to ride on.

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