Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Bones

Wondering how to get dragon bones and craft Dragonbone weapons in Skyrim? This guide to The Elder Scrolls V tells you everything you need to know.

Wondering how to get dragon bones and craft Dragonbone weapons in Skyrim? This guide to The Elder Scrolls V tells you everything you need to know.

Dragon bones are essential for crafting Dragonbone weapons and the Dragonplate armor set in Skyrim. Both are rightfully considered some of the best melee weapons and the best armor set in the game. But where do you find dragon bones to craft them?

This guide will provide you with all the information you need on how to get dragon bones in Skyrim.

Where to Find Dragon Bones in Skyrim

There are several ways to get dragon bones, but only one of them is consistent and efficient. However, you should not ignore the other methods either, as every single dragon bone is an extremely valuable resource.

Hunting Dragons

The best, most consistent source of dragon bones in Skyrim is dragons themselves. These creatures can be encountered in specific locations across the map, and you can read about dragon hunting locations and strategies in this guide right here.

Aside from dropping scales, one dragon may drop 1-3 dragon bones, so hunting them all down is important if you want to get enough pieces for your armor and weapons.

You can, however, also find dragon bones as loot in various locations.

In the Castle Volkihar Dungeons

The Skyrim map showing the location of Castle Volkihar.

You can find one dragon bone in the Volkihar Dungeons underneath Volkihar Castle, which is home to the Volkihar vampire clan.

It is located in the northwestern part of the map, in the Haafingar hold of the Sea of Ghosts, indicated by the red marker on the map above).

The dragon bone can be found on the table with bones in the Valerica’s Study, which is a huge room with the soul portal inside.

From the Skeletal Dragon

A map of Skyrim showing the location of the Skeletal Dragon.

While most dragons will give you no more than three dragon bones, there is one dragon in Skyrim that is guaranteed to give you six dragon bones, and that is the necromantic Skeletal Dragon.

This unique dragon can be found in the Labyrinthian, an ancient ruin, which is located in the Hjaalmarch hold southeast of Morthal, indicated by the red marker on the map).

However, this area can only be accessed with the help of Mirabelle Ervine, the master wizard of the College of Winterhold. She will give you a number of quests, among them the quest called “The Staff of Magnus“.

You don’t have to complete the quest if you don’t want to, but you need to gain access to the very first chamber of the Labyrinthian.

How to Defeat the Skeletal Dragon

  • The Skeletal Dragon has lower HP than most dragons, and he can’t fly
  • Use arrows and the Slow Time dragon shout
  • Equip armor with shock resistance, such as Glass Armor or Leather Armor
  • The Skeletal Dragon is weak to fire and resistant to frost, so use Fireball spells against him; frost weapons and spells are useless
  • The best melee weapon against them is Trollsbane, a two-handed warhammer with fire damage, obtained from Cradle Stone Crag in the Reach, west of Valthume
  • Once their HP drops to about 30%, they will try to poison you, so bring Cure Poison or Resist Poison magicka or potion if possible

What Can You Craft with Dragon Bones?

Though dragon bones sell for 500 gold a piece, it’s best to use them in crafting Dragonbone weapons, that have the highest possible damage in the game. You can also craft the Dragonplate armor set, which is one of the toughest in Skyrim. For that, you will need to reach Smithing Level 100 and gain the Dragon Armor perk.

Here are the crafting recipes for Dragonbone weapons:

Dragon Bones
Ebony Ingot
Leather Strips
Dragonbone Battleaxe 3 2 2
Dragonbone Bow 2 1
Dragonbone Dagger 1 1
Dragonbone Greatsword 4 1 3
Dragonbone Mace 2 1 1
Dragonbone Sword 1 1 1
Dragonbone War Axe
1 1 2
Dragonbone Warhammer 3 2 3
Dragonbone Arrow
1 1


Here are the crafting recipes for the Dragonplate armor set:

Armor Piece
Dragon Scales
Dragon Bone
Leather Strips
Dragonplate Armor
3 2 3
Dragonplate Boots
3 1 2
Dragonplate Gauntlets
2 1 2
Dragonplate Helmet
2 1 2
Dragonplate Shield
3 1 1


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That’s all you need to know on where to find dragon bones in Skyrim. Now that you have a few in your inventory, you can start crafting some of the best weapons in the game, as well as a formidable armor set. For more Skyrim tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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