Skyrim: How to Get Photo Mode

Photo Mode is one of the most wanted mods asked for, and now it's here.

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It’s rare that a game doesn’t come with Photo Mode these days. From Gran Turismo 7 to Cyberpunk 2077, Photo Mode is becoming a standard for highly detailed or accomplishment-centered games. It’s a little surprising that a Photo Mode hadn’t been added to Skyrim: Anniversary Edition upon its release. Thanks to helpful modders, however, you can take gorgeous photos of Dragons and NPCs, and more. Here’s how to get Photo Mode in Skyrim.

How to Get Photo Mode in Skyrim

  • There is no Photo Mode innately in Skyrim.
  • A player-made mod is the only way to use any sort of Photo Mode.
  • Only PC players have access to Powerofthree’s Photo Mode mod.

As a writer and someone who likes to share all the silly things I get up to in game, being able to take a good photo of it is a must. Recently, Nexus Mods user Powerofthree uploaded Photo Mode, a mod adding a myriad of settings for optimal photos for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition on PC. It’s available through the pause menu and has a variety of useful features, including:

  • Pause Time
  • Change Weather
  • Hide Player Character
  • Change Pose or Character Expression
  • Apply a custom overlay

In order to get Photo Mode in game, you’ll need to download all the associated files from Nexus Mods. From there, follow the instructions to install the files. Open your game, load your save and you’ll be able to access the new features. There’s an intuitive menu that’ll pop up on screen that lets you adjust your Field of View, character pose, expression, and weather right on screen.

As usual, the modding community comes in clutch for a Bethesda title. A Photo Mode in Skyrim doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you finally have it and can take perfect screenshots yourself. For more on help with the game and its mods, check out our huge library of Skyrim guides.

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