The Wooden Mask acts as the key to the Dragon Priest Shrine in Skyrim. Here's where to find it.

Skyrim: How to Get the Wooden Mask

The Wooden Mask acts as the key to the Dragon Priest Shrine in Skyrim. Here's where to find it.

There are 10 Dragon Priest Masks to be found in the wide world of SkyrimMost of these masks provide buffs to the player when worn, with one exception — the Wooden Mask. It does something different. 

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The Wooden Mask does not help you with combat, agility, or regeneration. Instead, it acts as a key when worn, used to access the Dragon Priest Shrine, where the most powerful mask can be found.

In this Skyrim guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Wooden Mask, as well as how you can use it.

Where to Find the Wooden Mask in Skyrim

The Wooden Mask can be found at Labyrinthian, which is located between Whiterun Hold and Hjaalmarch in a mountain pass, southeast of Morthal.

When you reach these ruins, enter through from the north side by climbing the main staircase. You’ll know you are entering from the right way if you see a small, broken wooden cart on the left side of the path.

Follow this same path to the small circular building directly in front of you. Enter the right door of this broken-down building, and follow the hallway around to the opposite side, where you should find an entrance to the center of the ruin.

On the far side of this room, you will find the remains of an old thug, alongside a note that you can choose to read if you please. Between the skeleton’s legs, you can find the Wooden Mask, sitting on the floor to take. This is the only Dragon Priest Mask in the game that doesn’t require you to fight anything to obtain.

What Purpose Does the Wooden Mask Serve?

The Wooden Mask is technically light armor. It’s no dragonscale armor, but protection is far from its main purpose. It has an enchantment labeled “Bromjunaar’s Mystery“.

Equipping it while in this central barrow of the Labyrinthian will transport you back in time to before the sanctuary was destroyed, when the Dragon Priest Shrine was still in one piece.

In the restored Dragon Priest Shrine, you can place your other obtained Dragon Priest Masks on the shrine, and once all are collected and placed on display, the most powerful one — the Konahrik Mask, one of the best items in the game — will appear for you to take. Once it has been taken, you can remove the other masks you placed and keep them for yourself.

That should be just about everything you need to know to find the Wooden Mask in Skyrim. If you’re looking to learn more about this massive RPG, consider checking out our guides hub to do exactly that! 

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