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Skyrim: How to Use the Move NPC to Player Command

We'll show you how to use the move NPC to player command in Skyrim.

You may have seen players in online videos moving NPCs in Skyrim to get around bugs and have wondered if you can also do this without mods. The answer is yes, it’s quite simple and we’ll show you how to use the move NPC to player command in Skyrim.

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This is a neat way to relocate certain NPCs to locations that they wouldn’t normally go to. It can be for giggles like when I moved Balgruuf to my house in Whiterun for a chat or actual mechanical advantages like moving combat NPCs to aid you in battle.

How to Use the Move NPC to Player Command in Skyrim

As with many commands in games like Skyrim, the NPC moving command is done through the game’s console accessible via the tilde (`) key. On most keyboards, you can find this key to the left of your “1” key and above “Tab”. Follow these steps and let’s move some NPCs:

  • Go to the NPC you want to move and face your camera towards them.
  • Open the console with the tilde key.
  • Click on the NPC in question to select them and close your console.
  • Then, go to the location where you want to move them.
  • Once you’re there open your console again, type “moveto player”, and hit “Enter” to confirm.
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This’ll automatically move your selected NPC to your location. Note that they must be alive for this to work. If they are dead, you can revive them with the Dead Thrall spell or by opening the console, clicking on their body, and typing in “resurrect”. This’ll bring them back to life and you can move them again. This would be quite a brutal and morbid showcase of omnipotent console command power but who am I to judge.

Now you know how to use the move NPC to player command in Skyrimand can relocate folks at will. Note that NPCs are still bound by their behavioral programming and may not react to certain situations you put them in appropriately. I learned that through trial and error, don’t ask. If you found this article helpful, you can find more Skyrim guides here like our top 10 best mods to get in 2023.

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