Skyrim Invisible Chests: How to Find These Infinite Loot Locations

There are three invisible Khajit Caravan chests in Skyrim, each with incredible amounts of loot. Here's where to find them.

There are three invisible Khajit Caravan chests in Skyrim, each with incredible amounts of loot. Here's where to find them.

Skyrim has three glitched, completely invisible chests just waiting to be found. Though The Elder Scrolls V is one of the undisputed all-time great, era-defining video gamesit’s also incredibly broken, provided you know how to break it.

Of course, these three invisible chests contain loot you’ll want to find. They are in areas that were supposed to be unreachable, but this Skyrim guide will show you how to get them anyway.

All three of these invisible chests are Khajit Caravan chests, and they can be looted infinitely. In order to do so, locate the Khajit Traders in the area, then talk with them to see what they have.

After that, save the game, then kill the traders. Reload that save, back to when they were alive, and check with them again. After that, the invisible chests will be refilled and you can take from it yet again.

Where to Find Invisible Chests in Skyrim

Invisible Khajit Caravan Chest 1

The first chest can be found in Dawnstar, so fast travel there to save on some walking. Once you’re there, walk forward a bit and turn right past the trees in front of you. Follow this path straight, until you walk past some wooden carts and a smelter to your right. In front of you, you should see a mine.

To the left of the mine entrance, you should see three small rocks on the ground. Between the left and middle rock, and a few feet back, you can hover your reticle and receive a prompt to open a chest, despite there not being one.

This is the first invisible chest, and it comes with supplies to last a lifetime. It even has some iron ore, which you’ll learn further down, can be looted infinitely many times.

Invisible Khajit Caravan Chest 2

The second invisible chest can be found just outside Solitude. Immediately after you exit the area, through the large stone gate pictured below, take a hard left into a small grass area overlooking a large cliff.

You should see a small collection of light gray rocks on the right, and a shrub to the left of those. Immediately past the shrub, closely inspect the ground for a dark blue stick.

Directly south of this blue stick by about a foot, you will receive a prompt to open yet another invisible chest. Much like the last one, this chest contains way more than your typical chest would include (like 1,000 gold and some ebony ingots), plus potions galore. So loot at your heart’s desire.

Invisible Khajit Caravan Chest 3

The third invisible chest can be found outside Markarth. Leave Markarth and follow the cobblestone path that you see pictured below. You’ll have to follow it for a short while, until you reach the bridge, with a sign and small stone wall to the immediate left. Stop once you get here.

Walk around to the opposite side of this wall and start inspecting the ground in front of it. A few feet away from the wall, at around the fourth or fifth stone on the bottom row, you can find yet another invisible chest prompt where there is no chest to be seen. This chest will include some amazing loot, even including an ebony bow and 1,000 gold.

Now that you know where to farm these incredibly decked-out glitched chests in Skyrim, you’ll be set for loot for good. With that infinite gold, you can buy all the houses or horses you could ask for. If you’re interested in learning even more about Skyrim, consider checking out our guides hub!

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