Skyrim: Laid to Rest Quest Walkthrough Guide

The Laid to Rest quest in Skyrim takes you to Morthal to battle undead lords and ladies. Here's how to complete it.

The Laid to Rest quest in Skyrim takes you to Morthal to battle undead lords and ladies. Here's how to complete it.
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Laid to Rest is a quest that you’ll come across in Skyrim when you visit Morthal in the Hjaalmarch Marshes near Solitude. Something strange is happening in Morthal, and the townsfolk led by Thornnir are getting restless. Completing this quest gives you access to Windstad Manor and the Fish Hatchery. 

This Skyrim walkthrough guide tells you how to complete Laid to Rest and defeat the evil in Movarth’s Lair.

How to Complete the Laid to Rest Quest in Skyrim

Investigate the Burned-Down House

When you first arrive at Morthal, you’ll see several villagers accosting the steward Aslfur. It seems that a house burned down, killing several people in it. If you check the house, which is right beside the Jarl’s residence of Highmoon Hall, you won’t actually see anything there.

Instead, go inside Highmoon Hall and ask Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone about the burned-down house. She tells you that a man, Hroggar, is rumored to have caused the fire himself, killing his wife and child so he could have an affair with a woman named Alva.

The Ghost of Helgi

Before you continue the questline, make sure that you have several Cure Disease Potions. Once you have the potions, go back to the burned-down house to find the ghost of the child, Helgi. Speak with the Jarl again, and she will tell you where Helgi and her mother are buried.

When it’s nighttime, check the hill just behind the house to see the grave of Helgi and her mother. There, you’ll see a vampire named Laelette. She’ll attack you, so go ahead and dispatch her.

Note that the Laid to Rest quest will have more vampire enemies as you progress. Attacks will cause you to become afflicted with Sanguinare Vampiris, which can be cured with a Cure Disease Potion or by gaining blessings. However, should you prolong your affliction with the curse, your character will turn into a Vampire after several days.

How to Get Alva’s Journal

Killing Laelette will cause her husband, Thonnir, one of the agitated villagers, to arrive. When he realizes that his wife had been turned into a vampire, Thonnir suggests that you should check Alva’s House on the outskirts of the village. Once you go inside, Hroggar will attack you. Once you defeat him, you’ll need to find Alva’s Journal.

You can find Alva’s Journal inside the coffin in the basement. Depending on the time of day, a couple of things can happen at this stage of the Laid to Rest quest:

  • If it’s nighttime, Alva, who really is a vampire, will not be here. The coffin will be empty, but you can grab her journal.
  • If it’s daytime, Alva will be sleeping in her coffin. Eliminate her, and take the journal.

Return to the Jarl and present Alva’s Journal to her. Once you exit the residence, you’ll see a group of villagers armed with pitchforks led by Thonnir. They’re ready to assault Movarth’s Lair.

Movarth’s Lair

Movarth’s Lair is just north of Morthal. Once you reach it, most of the villagers, barring Thonnir, will run away. You have the option to go inside the cavern alone or have Thonnir to join you. He’s an essential character, which means he won’t die, so the choice is up to you.

Enter the cavern, and keep following the passageways, killing the vampires that you encounter. Eventually, you’ll reach a chamber with the Master Vampire, Movarth. He wields Necromancy spells, allowing him to revive his undead henchmen, so kill him as quickly as possible to avoid a prolonged fight.

Once Movarth has been slain, make your way back outside the cave. Helgi’s ghost will appear and thank you for your help.

Next, talk to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone, and his steward, Aslfur, will let you purchase the Windstad Manor plot for 5,000 gold. Buying the house allows you to build a Fish Hatchery, which is useful for farming food if you have Survival Mode activated.

And that’s that for our Skyrim Laid to Rest quest walkthrough guide. For more walkthroughs, tips, and build articles, consider heading over to our dedicated Skyrim guides hub.

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