Skyward Sword bird feathers are important items for leveling up equipment. Here's where to find them.

Skyward Sword Bird Feathers: How to Get Bird Feather and Blue Bird Feather

Skyward Sword bird feathers are important items for leveling up equipment. Here's where to find them.

You’re probably going to have to do some backtracking if you need to get some hands on bird feathers in Skyward Sword HD. Birds only have two spawn points and actually getting your hands on the feathers can be a trying process.

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In this guide we’re going to go over where you need to go to get bird feathers in Skyward Sword, as well as how to get them.

Skyward Sword Bird Feather | How to Get the Bug Net

Skyward Sword buying the bug net.

You need a bug net to obtain bird feathers, so head to Beedle’s shop.

Despite the village children telling you about Beedle right away, you can’t access his shop until obtaining the Slingshot in Faron Woods. Once you’re back in Skyloft and have a few hundred Rupees, smack Beedle’s bell with a projectile and climb aboard.

He has the Bug Net for sale right away, so you can buy it and head out to Faron Woods again.

Skyward Sword Bird Feather | How to Get Bird Feathers

Pick the forest bird statue when you drop into Faron Woods again, and you’ll drop right next to a flock of birds.

Actually obtaining a bird feather is a slight pain, though. The birds fly away at the slightest movement, so you need to have your net angled just right.

Tilt the right stick (or your Joy-Con if you’re using motion control) to the right and slightly down, so the net is facing out from you. Slowly walk toward a bird until your net is just about touching it, then quickly move the stick (or Joy-Con) to the side. 

Skyward Sword how to catch bird feathers.

You should catch a feather in the process. 

If you miss, or you want to grab a second and third feather, leave the area and come back to have the birds respawn. The fastest way is running up the log shortcut to the right of the bird statue (not the one directly next to it) and down the sandy hill. Run back up, and the birds should appear in the clearing again.

A flock also spawns at the Sealed Temple grounds.

Skyward Sword Bird Feather | What are Bird Feathers For?

If you were messing around and caught a bird feather on accident, you can use them to upgrade your Sacred Shield, obtainable in the Bazaar after initially defeating the Imprisoned. Visit the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar to upgrade the shield.

Divine Shield

  • Sacred Shield
  • 2 Bird Feather
  • 1 Dusk Relic
  • 3 Ornamental Skull

The Divine Shield can be further upgraded to the Goddess Shield.

Goddess Shield

  • Divine Shield
  • 3 Bird Feather
  • 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • 4 Dusk Relic
  • 3 Monster Horn

Skyward Sword Bird Feather | How to Get Blue Bird Feather

Blue bird feathers are from (surprise!) blue birds. These spawn randomly in Faron Woods or the Sealed Temple. You can also win a Blue Bird Feather on Bamboo Island by getting 26 or more cuts in the challenge there, and the Moonlight Merchant has a blue feather for sale for 300 Rupees.

That’s all you need to know about how to get bird feathers in Skyward Sword HD, but make sure to check out our other Skyward Sword guides for more tips.

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