Where to find the three Dervish Plort Statues in Slime Rancher.

Slime Rancher: Dervish Plort Statues Locations

Where to find the three Dervish Plort Statues in Slime Rancher.
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There are only three Dervish Statues for you to find in Slime Rancher‘s Glass Desert. Despite their small number, finding all three can be frustrating. You’ll want to get the Dervish Fountain restored if you want to start farming their plorts, which means you’ve got to find the area’s Dervish Statues.

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Below, I’ll show you exactly where to find them so you don’t have to. 

Slime Rancher Dervish Fountain Location

To get started, you’ll have to find the Dervish Fountain found in the Glass Desert. The location of the fountain is marked with a red circle in the partial image of the Glass Desert below.

In this area are three Dervish Plot Statues, each one in a different spot within the area and at a different altitude (to really shake things up). You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for them, as they’re not particularly large either.

Luckily, your journey thus far has been a handful already, so you’re well-prepared to take on this task with the help of your trusty jetpack.

Dervish Plort Statue Locations

You can seek these out in any order.

Dervish Plort Statue One

Entering the fountain from the east, you should be able to look up at the top of its northwest corner and see the first Dervish Plort Statue on the ledge. Find your way up and around the wall to be able to use your jetpack to reach it.

Dervish Plort Statue Two

The next statue is in a hole just outside of the fountain, just check the location of the red dot in the image above.

Dervish Plort Statue Three

This one can be found on the wall on the far side of the area from the fountain. It’s a quick jetpack from the fountain to the wall where you can find this statue.

And with that, you’ll see an increase in Dervish Slimes and can start your Dervish Plort empire! Or just enjoy the slimes’ company, they are pretty darling. Check out our other Slime Rancher guides here on GameSkinny.

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