Smash Hit Guide: Multiplying Your Score in Smash Hit

Some Smash Hit tips for the newest app taking addiction to a new level.

Some Smash Hit tips for the newest app taking addiction to a new level.

Smash Hit is an app that recently moved its way to the top of the charts in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The name of the game suggests exactly what you’ll be doing, that is, you make your way through different checkpoints by smashing glass with little silver balls. 

Smash Hit is fastly becoming an addiction to many and so I’m going to share some tips that are especially useful if you want to rack up your score and your ball inventory. 

Conserving Your Balls!

The one main aspect to this game is to know when you throw them and when to just let the glass object roll by. You don’t have to hit every single obstacle and you aren’t penalized for passing a un-smashed obstacle.

The glass triangular prisms, however, need to be smashed or you will lose the ball multiplier that will come in handy for later bigger objects. If you hit 10 straight prisms you will be given 2 balls every time you tap but will only cost your ball count a minus 1. Once you hit 10 more straight prisms with your 2 ball combo you will then get 3 and so on and so forth until you reach 5. 

Don’t smash everything and be accurate.

When I first played the game I was under the impression that I needed to smash absolutely everything, but that is not true! Only smash objects that will be in the way or you face a crash penalty and lose 10 balls!

The best method I found for accuracy is to wait until you are closer to the object. Waiting until you are closer ensures that you will hit the glass and you will be able to save more of your balls. But if you have to resort to hitting the object from afar, as some objects are far no matter how long you wait, make sure you take gravity into consideration and aim a bit higher than where the glass actually is! 

Save your power-ups for a more difficult level. 

The early levels give you a few power-ups like unlimited balls or slow-mo time but don’t use them until you get to some of the harder rooms. Like the spinning rooms for example are difficult places if you are going fast, so use your time power-up to slow down the level and hit all those prisms. 

Plus the power-ups like the unlimited balls don’t use up your stash so they are very helpful and resourceful to use if you are running low!

Watch out for flying obstacles!

Once you reach level 7 object can jump out at you and ruin your longest streak! Since your score is primarily on the distance you travel, having an object slam into you every couple of seconds can cause your saved up balls to quickly diminish. 

Always aim at the base of the object.

Whenever you come across object like the purple and pink lasers you can easily get rid of the trap by hitting the part attached to the wall. This goes for a lot of the obstacles that are moving and revolving around. 

If you stick to these tips and learn the levels you will be able to get far in this game in no time! Smash hit is available for free today or there is a premium version for sale at 1.99!

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Miranda Kirk

Former member and Senior Intern of the JTP program, woo!