SMITE: Tips for Getting Started in Ranked Play

Tips for new level 30 players wanting to jump into ranked conquest.

Tips for new level 30 players wanting to jump into ranked conquest.
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Many level 30 players in SMITE see the ranked tab open up for them. Often times, as long as they have 16 gods mastered, they hop right in — not realizing that the level and god requirement is just the bare minimum to play. They also don’t realize that their first 50 or so games play the biggest role in where they will rank.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to be one of those players. This guide to getting started in ranked can’t guarantee wins, but it should get you off to a stronger start.

These are not tips for brand new SMITE and Conquest players.  I assume you know the basics of warding, what each role is, etc., if you’re looking to enter ranked play.

 The pre-league checklist

1.  At least 2/3 of the gods you have mastered should include the top picked and banned gods. 

In ranked, only gods that you have mastered can be picked and traded. This plays a major role in ranked.  If your team wants a specific god that is of high priority and you are picking, they may ask you to pick that god for them.  Without having it mastered, you force yourself to pick a different god and possibly give that highly coveted god to the other team on their turn.  Coming into ranked with the bare minimum of 16 gods is going to leave you with few options.

2. Learn at least 3 different roles.

In ranked, you want to learn a few different roles so you have something to fall back on if your preferred role is taken. You don’t want to hop into a game and have 3 teammates who want to play the same role and can’t do anything else. That is a setup for failure before the match even starts.  

You will have one role you prefer, but having some backup roles will help you and your team out greatly.  The more diverse you are, the more valuable you are to the team.

3. Use Curse voice

Curse voice is the voice program that 99% of SMITE players use.  Even if you do not have a mic and can’t talk, just listening will go a long way.  In my personal experience, the teams I am on that have all 5 of us in Curse talking seem to have a higher win percentage than those teams where nobody is in voice chat.  

With this, I will also say that it’s helpful to know a decent amount of the VGS commands. Knowing them to help those who can’t join Curse will also help.

4. Be comfortable in casual conquest

Many people ask how many casual games they should play before getting into ranked. There’s not a set number, but you should be extremely comfortable in casuals — to the point you win most of your lanes.  There is a big difference between casual and ranked, and it is one of the first things you will notice when you make the jump.  

In casuals, people try new things and builds out of the meta, and many times they get punished for it.  It is only very rarely in ranked that you see people playing outside the meta. Everyone is playing to move up the ladder so they tend to take it seriously.

The Banning Phase

1. Calling roles

Unlike in casuals, calling a role does not make it your role.  Usually, the team banner gets his choice of a role, as he has the highest Elo (SMITE’s internal rank).  After that, it usually goes in call order, but if someone is above you in picks, they may choose to take your role.  When you enter a match, usually you call your role such as “ADC pref”.  This lets the team know you prefer ADC.  It does not entitle you to that role, it just states your preference.

2. Banning and picking

To the right, you see how the picks and bans work. The order side will always get first pick and first ban. This follows with Chaos side getting 2 picks. Ban phase 2 has actually been upgraded to now allow each team to ban 2 gods, not just one.  The order is still the same.

There are usually two types of banning strategies:

  1. The team bans out the top Gods and pick from there.
  2. The team will ban less powerful gods in hopes to secure a top god for themselves.  

Both strategies have their benefits.  If you happen to be the banner and are going for option 2, make sure someone can and is willing to play the top god you left open.  Sometimes you will get someone who does not favor that god like you may, and then you may end up leaving it open for the other team.

In the actual game

So you made it into the game and now it is just time to pwn some noobs and laugh your way to victory!!! Here are a few tips I have for the actual match.


Not only is this one of the hardest tips to follow, it is also one of the most beneficial. You will get people who bad-mouth and trash talk if they feel something went wrong. Don’t engage back with it. Everyone thinks they are better than what they are. Truth be told, if everyone was that good, they wouldn’t be in that match with you. They would be in a higher ranking match.  

With that said, be open to constructive criticism and positive help.  You will come across many people who will try to break down a bad situation so it does not happen again, which is a good thing.  Try to do this yourself as well. 

2. Watch your games later and see what you can improve

Replays in Smite now are far and few between.  If you record or stream yourself gaming though, you can do this.  Go back and see what YOU could have done different or better.  Don’t worry about the others in the match. Worry about what you can control and that is your gameplay.


3. Know the builds

Know a build that works for every role/god you may play in a match.  Ranked is not the time to test something out.  Testing and trying new things should be saved for casuals.  I am not telling you to go with a cookie cutter build you see some pro running. If you want to that is great, but find something that is effective and works for you.  As you get more comfortable you will find yourself counter building your enemy, and it will be natural.  

Have fun and enjoy the game!  Good luck in your matches!

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My name is Ben and I am currently living in New York. I spent 10 years active duty in the Marine Corps and now going to school to study Journalism. I am a gaming addict and stream. I play many games with my main one being Smite. I hope you enjoy my content as it is a pleasure for me to bring it to you.