Thief squads robbing you blind? Enemy Snipers dialed in a little too hard? Then scope out these beginner tips and tricks for Snipers vs. Thieves.

Snipers vs. Thieves: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Thief squads robbing you blind? Enemy Snipers dialed in a little too hard? Then scope out these beginner tips and tricks for Snipers vs. Thieves.
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One sharpshooter, four masked bandits, and a ton of cash — what could go wrong? According to an army of players new to the bankrobbing scene that is Snipers vs. Thieves, plenty. But keep your cool and stay put for now — we’re here with a wallet full of tips and tricks to keep your aim sharp and your getaways sharper. 

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The game’s tutorial is going to cover your in-game basics like tokens and upgrades, but what it doesn’t cover so well are the tricks of the trade, like…

Scoping Out the Field

And when we say scoping, we actually mean scoping — one of the downfalls of newer Snipers is that they constantly forget to zoom out once in awhile. While staying pinned to a target is a good way to get a mark, it’s also a great way to lose track of the rest of a Thief’s squad. Be sure to dial back the zoom every once in awhile and get a clear look at the field (and any sneaky Thieves making a break for the getaway van). 

Likewise, newer Thieves tend to funnel down the first available path and try to make directly for the truck. As any shooter player knows, those funnels have a tendency to be fatal. Try to get a good layout of the field before you make too many moves, and don’t be afraid to move off to the side — away from the Sniper’s main focus. 

Speaking of focus, plenty of newer players tend not to focus enough on…

Managing Resources

A handful of bullets vs. a bar of sprint, and a few gadgets between you: this is what Snipers vs. Thieves boils down to — and often, the player that manages their resources better is the one that walks away a bankheist worth of cash richer. 

Try to manage your ammo as a Sniper, and use the time Thieves spent behind cover to hit a quick reload. Hitting some shots through latency can already be a bit tricky, and the last thing you need when a Thief is running down the home stretch is the aim and time cost of reupping your ammo. 

Likewise, make use of your tools (on either side) — specifically the armor provided by cover gadgets as a Thief and the Taunt mechanic whenever you’re sure the Sniper isn’t looking your way. While rolling out a raspberry might refill your stamina, it’s always a one-way ticket to Head Shot Town if a Sniper is zeroed in (though the pathetic walking pace isn’t much better). If all else fails, a few quick taunts and a dodge roll can cover most hurdles against more amateur snipers

Speaking of amateurs, the biggest mistake newbies on both sides of Snipers vs. Thieves tend to make is forgetting about…

Upgrading Gear

Now, just for reference, we don’t mean you have to purchase in-game items for those sweet, sweet gold bars (or the real money behind them). That’s one way to do it, but the simpler (and much freer) way to do it is to just remember it takes money to make money — so spend those hard earned dollar bills on some new gadgets, distractions, traps, armor, and most importantly guns

Higher level Thieves in Snipers vs. Thieves are going to take more shots — they’re better at mechanics like sliding and using armor cover, and they just plain have more health. So upgrade your weaponry! Bigger targets need bigger guns, and you shouldn’t be using your Baby Rifle much past your first few baby steps in the game.

Similarly, Sniper players of higher caliber are going to be fielding bigger boomsticks — so all you Thief mains out there had better be bringing your own upgrading swag to the party. Or the only thing you’re stealing is a free ride in the back of the Police truck. 


The face of a clearly sane professional

Now that you’re a little better armed for the shootout, “Bankers”, it’s time to go put what you’ve learned to the test. Be smart, be well equipped, and whatever you do — be fast. After all, time is money, and money is the name of the game. 

Well, that and Snipers vs. Thieves… but you get the point.  

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