Tips and tricks for working together and completing puzzles in Snipperclips.

Snipperclips Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Snip Through Any Challenge

Tips and tricks for working together and completing puzzles in Snipperclips.
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Snipperclips is a lovely puzzle game where you and up to three other players snip and clip each other to solve various scenarios. Some of these are as simple as cutting up your fellow players to make a specified shape, while others involve helping and pushing along objects and creatures towards their goal.

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The game does a stellar job of showing you what to do and how to accomplish it, but only if you’re paying attention. Here are a few tips and tricks for making the most out of the Nintendo Switch’s new puzzle co-op game.

Read the Level’s Name

In most levels, you could easily intuit your goal simply by loading in. However, some levels, such as the infamous balloon level, aren’t as easy to figure out at first glance. Back out of the level and take another look. Study the icon, read the name. It’s called “Balloon Burster”.

Suddenly the objective is crystal clear. For those of you who thought the goal was to tie the balloons down to the floor, it’s okay. I did too. Learn from my mistake and read the level names, especially when you’re not sure what to do.

Snipperclips Beginner's Guide How to Snip Your Way Through Any Puzzle Don't Forget to Clip

Don’t Forget to Snip

This may sound super obvious, but I often found myself flat out not snipping or clipping in levels where it wasn’t required. There are a ton of levels that can be completed entirely without ever making a snip, but why make things harder on you and your partner than you have to?

For example, if you’re trying to get a bowling ball through a basketball hoop, you may want to clip a rounded crevice into your partner’s head so that they can catch and carry it without too many issues. Make the most out of your rounded edge and corners — you can clip just about any shape imaginable with them.

Complete Star Levels to Unlock More Stages

Each world in the 1 – 2 Players Mode on Snipperclips follows a very similar pattern. Worlds start off with 8 available stages and a locked star level. To unlock the first star level, you must complete at least 5 of the 8 available stages.

Going on to solve the star puzzle unlocks 5 more stages in that world and a final star level. Completing 10 of the world’s stages opens up the second star level. In all but the last world, solving this star puzzle opens up a whole new world with a unique theme and stages. There’s a lot more to the 1 – 2 Player Mode than you might think, and it’s only accessible through the star levels so make sure you hop on them.

Snipperclips Beginner's Guide How to Snip Your Way Through Any Puzzle Play With a Partner

Play with a Partner (or Two, or Three)

It goes without saying that this game is loads more fun when you play it with someone else. That’s not necessarily why you should snag a partner, though. The problem with jumping into the game on your own is that you have to try and operate two clipper papers on your own. When you can’t move them both at the same time, some puzzles simply become leagues harder because you don’t have the coordination you’d have were you two people with excellent commutative skills.

This is a co-op puzzle game. If you can help it, grab a partner and puzzle through the multitude of stages provided here together. You’ll have a far less frustrating time for it and, hopefully, have some laughs along the way.

Keep it Light

Don’t overdo it. If you begin to feel frustrated, shut off the game and come back later. This neat Switch game has a simple charm but it can quickly wear out if you focus too much on solving the puzzles instead of simply having fun. Don’t get too serious about it and you’re certain to have a good time.

Now that we’ve taught you everything you need to know to get the most out of Snipperclips, head on out there and show your friends how to snip. Are you enjoying the Nintendo Switch’s new puzzle co-op game so far? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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