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Solo Leveling: ARISE — Special Summon Tier List

Find out which Special Summons are the best with the help of our tier list guide for Solo Leveling: ARISE.

Special Summon is a new gacha system in Solo Leveling: ARISE, which allows you to summon a number of random characters and weapons and claim them via a special draw. Here, I’ll provide you with a tier list of the best special summons in Solo Leveling: ARISE, including all possible characters and weapons.

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Best Characters Special Summon Tier List for Solo Leveling: ARISE

When using the Special Summon system for drawing characters, I recommend skipping most of the SR characters until you can claim at least one SSR character. Since you’ll have at least 15 attempts, make sure to get the best characters listed below.

S-Tier Characters

Cha Hae-InSSRFighterLight
Min Byung-GuSSRHealerLight
Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane)SSRFighterDark
Choi Jong-InSSRMageFire
Emma LaurentSSRTankFire
Seo JiwooSSRTankWater
Baek YoonhoSSRTankLight

A-Tier Characters

Kang TaeshikSRAssassinDark
Lee BoraSSRMageDark
Lim Tae-GyuSSRRangerDark
Nam Chae-YoungSRRangerWater
Hwang DongsooSSRFighterWind
Park HeejinSRMageWind
Kim ChulSRTankLight
Yoo JinhoSRTankLight
Hwang DongsukSRTankDark
Anna RuizSRRangerWater
Woo JinchulSSRTankWind

B-Tier Characters

Song ChiyulSRMageFire
Han Song-YiSRAssassinWater
Jo KyuhwanSRMageLight
Lee JooheeSRHealerWater
Park Beom-ShikSRFighterWind
Kim SangshikSRTankWind
Draw results in the Special Summons menu of Solo Leveling Arise
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Best Weapons Special Summon Tier List for Solo Leveling: ARISE

It’s a lot harder to pull SSR weapons in the special summon system, but there are a few SR weapons that are just as good. Make sure that you get and claim the ones that I listed in the S-tier below.

S-Tier Weapons

Demonic Plum Flower SwordSSRMeleeDark
The HuntsmanSSRRangedLight
Thethis’ GrimoireSSRMagicWater
West WindSRRangedWind
Demon King’s LongswordSSRMeleeWind
Orb of AvariceSRMagicFire
Radiru Family’s LongbowSRRangedLight
Shadow ScytheSSRMeleeDark

A-Tier Weapons

Kasaka’s Venom FangSRMeleeWater
Naga Guardian Dragon’s TridentSRMeleeWater
Vulcan’s RageSSRMeleeFire
Baruka’s DaggerSRMeleeWind
Black HawkSRRangedDark
Burning Demon’s GrimoireSRMagicFire
Knight KillerSRMeleeFire
Demon Knight’s SpearSRMeleeLight
Frostbite FalchionSRMeleeWater
Lustrous Dragon SwordSRMeleeLight
Orc’s BroadswordSRMeleeDark

B-Tier Weapons

Arachnid’s Hand CrossbowRRangedDark
Dragonscale BroadswordSRMeleeFire
Grave Keeper’s ScytheRMeleeWater
Ice Elf’s BowRRangedWater
Kim Sangshik’s SwordRMeleeWind
Knight’s SwordRMeleeWind
Lizard GlaiveRMeleeWater
Lycan SlayerRRangedLight
Razan’s BladeRMeleeFire
Rock Golem HammerRMeleeWind
Sandstorm CubeRMagicWater

That’s it for my tier list of the best special summons in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Stay tuned for more SLA tips and tricks articles right here.

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