Complete Challenge Missions with new Avatars to earn all of the unlockables found in the Sonic Forces post game.

Sonic Forces Post Game Guide: Challenge Missions and Extra Avatars

Complete Challenge Missions with new Avatars to earn all of the unlockables found in the Sonic Forces post game.

So you’ve finally beaten Sonic Forces — Eggman has been thwarted once again and the world is saved. You could just toss down your controller and call it quits, but what’s the fun in that? There’s so much left to be done!

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There are loads of Challenge Missions just begging for you to complete them. The more you knock out, the more Fashion you’ll unlock. You can even create brand new avatars to get the job done!

The credits may have rolled, but the game is far from over. Let’s jump in!

Complete Sonic Forces Challenge Missions, Earn Bundles of Unlockables

All unlockables in Sonic Forces are earned by completing Challenge Missions. Most Challenge Missions reward you with outfit bundles packed with multiple different fashion accessories. Some reward you with a Wispon while select others unlock Extra Stages. But let’s be real, fashion is where it’s at.

Whenever you visit the SF World Map between stages, be sure to check out the Missions panel to see if there are any new Challenges waiting for you. A few of them are rather simple, such as using a Homing Attack on a Sonic stage or getting an S rank on a stage. Others, however, take things a few steps further.

Create and Level Extra Avatars

There’s a series of Challenge Missions in SF that revolves around leveling up every Avatar Species in the game. You’re stuck with the Avatar you made at the start as you make your way through the story, but as soon as the credits roll, you unlock the ability to create new Avatars and switch between them in the Avatar panel on the World Map.

Creating Extra Avatars Sonic Forces Post Game Guide

Leveling up each Avatar is going to be rather tedious and is best accomplished while completing other missions. Take advantage of Daily Missions and SOS missions in order to expedite the process.

Collect Red Star Rings

Another peculiar Mission chain is the one that asks you to collect Red Star Rings. After collecting a specified number of Red Star Rings, you unlock an Extra Stage that you can play to earn new Wispons and fashion.

Any serious, non-boss Sonic Forces level has five Red Star Rings that are hidden in generally difficult to reach or hard to find places. When searching for them, take your time to get to know the level and explore paths you’ve never taken.

If it’s a level where you can play as your Avatar at any point, make sure you consider which Wispon to bring with you. Each one has a unique ability that will help you traverse the level and find any missing Red Star Rings.

  • Burst — Triggers an explosion that shoots you into the air. Repeat to fly even higher. If you hold a direction when you trigger the explosion, you can control which way it shoots you.
  • Lightning — Moves at lightning-fast speeds near Rings or enemies. It’s like a grappling hook that slings you along lines of Rings and blasts through enemies when the button is held.
  • Cube — Creates a platform, even in mid-air. This is useful for grabbing those really hard to reach Red Star Rings.
  • Void — Teleports in the direction that is held. It’s immensely handy; just be careful not to teleport yourself into a dangerous situation.
  • Hover — Flies through the air. If you fall into a pit, you’ll return to where you started. This one’s good for grabbing Red Star RIngs that can’t be grabbed without falling.
  • Drill — Digs through the ground. You can also burrow into walls to climb upward. This is really handy for getting to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Asteroid — Grants invincibility and draws nearby items towards you. You also glide in the air for a moment after activating this skill. With this on, Red Star Rings that you can’t quite reach will be drawn straight to you.

When you find a Red Star Ring that you can’t reach in an Avatar stage, think about what Wispon would help you nab it and re-run the stage with it. With a little ingenuity, you’ll have all of the Red Star Rings in no time.

Unlockables Red Star Rings Sonic Forces Post Game Guide

Work on Faster Stage Times

Finally, there are Time-Trial Missions that task you with beating the stage within a certain time limit. These Challenges generally require a bit of practice to really nail down, especially in the later stages.

Make sure to test out different Wispons and paths to see what can get you from point A to point B the quickest. Be careful not to die or lose momentum, as that could set you back several precious seconds that you can’t afford to lose. Cutscenes and the like will also cut into your time, so keep that in mind.

With that, you’ll be flying through post-game Challenge Missions and earning unlockables left and right. While you’re here, be sure to check some of our other Sonic Forces guides.

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