Sons of the Forest: How to Beat the New Final Boss

Sons of the Forest has a new final boss, but he isn't easy to beat.

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Patch 07 in Sons of the Forest brought a lot of changes, including a new final boss to beat that can be a real doozy. As you might expect, there will be some spoilers in this guide.

Sons of the Forest: Preparing for the New Final Boss

  • The new final boss battle takes place on the beach and can take a while to defeat.
  • You’ll want to prepare beforehand since the ammo granted leading to the Cube cutscene isn’t enough.
  • The rifle and explosives are your current best combination against the final boss for the current patch.

The rifle does a lot of damage, and explosives can hurt both the boss and help clear out the adds that it spawns.

Sons of the Forest: How to Beat the New Final Boss

During the actual boss fight, there’s a lot going on. I felt overwhelmed through the first encounter with how fast the boss moves and the adds it continues to spawn. The high amount of damage it deals with one hit, which seems to range from about a third of my health bar to simply one-shotting me.

Because the boss can be so brutal, you need to keep moving and manage your stamina during the fight to have any chance at dodging attacks. You’ll want to have plenty of food and medicine to use.

When you’re using a gun, you’ll want to try aiming for the large mouth that’s part of what I can only assume is the boss’ abdomen. Right now, this seems to be the weak point, especially given the emphasis that the cutscene places on it.

I suspect that Silver Jacket’s head might be a weak point as well, but the boss’ movement combined with the size of the head in comparison to the rest of the boss has made it difficult to discover if my theory is correct so far.

From this point, it’s juggling dodging attacks, using the rifle (or another ranged weapon if you run out of ammo) when you can, and tossing explosives when you don’t have time to aim or you’re being overrun with adds. It takes a while, but the boss will eventually be defeated.

We have more Sons of the Forest guides to explore, such as the best base locations or the location of the Golden Armor, and we will continue to cover the game throughout its early access period.

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