Sons of the Forest: How to Befriend Virginia the 3-Armed Woman

Virginia may be a bit of a shock at first, but you can befriend the 3-armed woman to aid your survival.

Virginia may be a bit of a shock at first, but you can befriend the 3-armed woman to aid your survival.
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Sons of the Forest has you searching for the missing Puffton family, and while you may be on the lookout for most of them, Virginia won’t be hard to miss. The 3-armed woman who wanders to your camp is Virginia herself, with some “minor” alterations. She’s a valuable ally, but it takes time to earn her trust. Let’s go over how to befriend Virginia.

Befriending Virginia, the 3-Armed Woman in Sons of the Forest

In the helicopter from the opening of Sons of the Forest, you’re presented with the images of the Puffton family who have been missing for 31 weeks. Along with her parents, 20-year-old Virginia is also missing.

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You’ll be startled the first time you come across Virginia because of her 3 arms and 3 legs, but if you’re kind to her and give her space you’ll find that she’s a friend and not a foe.

If you put your weapons away and don’t approach her, Virginia will start to warm up to you and come around more frequently. One sign that you’re successfully befriending her is if she starts dancing when you’re watching her.

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As you continue to prove that you aren’t hostile towards Virginia, she grows more attached to you. She’ll begin bringing you gifts like blueberries or a fish. Shortly after she brings you gifts, you’ll be able to give her items like guns and ammo to have her help you fight against hostile enemies. Here, we explain if Virginia has infinite ammo or not

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Like Kelvin, Virginia will sit on a chair or bench if you have them by your fire. You’re also able to give her clothing that you find around the island.

Sons of the Forest adds an interesting dynamic by letting you befriend somebody on the island and receive help as you sort through the mysteries of what happened there. And now that you know how to befriend Virginia, the 3-armed woman, check out more Sons of the Forest guides like how to heal or where to find the Modern Axe, which is a strong weapon that doesn’t involve heading into a cave to retrieve.

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