Wondering how to drop items in Sons of the Forest? There are two ways to do it.

Sons of the Forest: How to Drop Items — or Put Them in Your Inventory

Wondering how to drop items in Sons of the Forest? There are two ways to do it.

There are plenty of times you’ll want to drop items while playing Sons of the Forest in Early Access. Maybe you’ve accidentally picked up a rock and need to get rid of it, or perhaps you’re carrying a huge log and need to put it down. Whatever the circumstance, dropping stuff is easy. 

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Like several other mechanics in the survival-horror game from Endnight Studios, such as opening and closing your Guide Book or adding and removing stuff from your Backpack, setting items down is just a button press away, no matter your input device. 

Dropping Items in Sons of the Forest Explained 

The default controls for you to drop items in Sons of the Forest are: 

  • “G” on mouse and keyboard.
  • “B” (or equivalent) on controller. 

However, though, there is a bit of nuance when it comes to removing items from your hands in Sons of the Forest

Of course, picking items up with “E” or “A” (equivalent) automatically stores them in your inventory. However, pressing “G” or “B” technically adds items to your inventory, too, where you can the quick-assign some items to Hotkeys.

If you drop your Modern Axe or Slingshot by pressing the assigned buttons, you’re simply putting them back in your inventory. The same goes for every other item you pick up – until a certain point. 

Once your inventory fills up to max capacity for an item, such as rocks or sticks, you’ll throw those to the ground when pressing the appropriate button.

You currently can’t go into your inventory, equip something, and drop it in the world; it will simply just go back into your inventory. I tried this with several things, such as rocks, small rock pebbles, and sticks. 

It’s also worth noting that you can drop larger building construction materials when pressing either “G”  or “B” if you need to get rid of them quickly. It’s also good for moving large items quickly from one area to another; you can throw them toward their destination once you’re close enough, saving a few valuable steps and, more importantly, seconds of daylight. 

Now that you know how to drop items and how the function actually works, you’re better prepared to explore the island, gather resources, and build both defensive and habitable structures. You never know when a cannibal (or Kelvin) will strike, so being able to throw things down or quickly switch them out is an important bit of knowledge. For more, check out our Sons of the Forest tips page.

Featured image via Endnight Games YouTube.

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