Soul Calibur 6 Guide: How Style Points Work

Learn exactly what style points are and why they are important in Soul Calibur 6!

Learn exactly what style points are and why they are important in Soul Calibur 6!
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Libra of Souls in Soul Calibur 6 allows you to create your own character and play through a lengthy story mode from their point of view. It also allows you to get new weapons that are styled after a specific character in the game.

For example, if you want your character to fight like Geralt, you can equip a Geralt-style weapon and use his moveset during your quests. You can even become more proficient in the fighting style by gaining style points during each quest and side quest. 

When you finish a quest, you may notice the usual experience points and “style points” underneath that.

What exactly are style points in Soul Calibur 6 and how do you get them? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple.

Style points and experience points bar for Level 67 player

Getting Style Points in Soul Calibur 6

Style points are simply extra experience points, but they’re for each weapon.

Whenever you complete a quest with a specific weapon style — Geralt for example — you will earn style points for Geralt weapons. These points will only apply to Geralt style weapons, so if you decide to use Ivy weapons instead, you have to start building that up separately.

The good thing is that these bars don’t reset if you switch weapons, and it doesn’t matter which weapon you use, as long as it’s in the same style. If you have a Level 15 Tira weapon and you’ve been slowly leveling up the Tira style, you will still make progress if you equip a higher or lower level Tira weapon.

If you start using a different style’s weapon and switch back, all the progress you made will remain. You can easily see how much you have in each style by switching weapons at the Libra of Souls main map.

What to do with Soul Calibur 6 Style Points

So now that Style Points are all cleared up, what do you do with them?

When you completely fill up the Style bar for a specific weapon style, it will say “Mastered” and you will get a high-level quest. Mine quest was Level 72, but my character was Level 68, so it looks like it might be based on your current experience level.

Mission menu for style points in Libra of Souls shows info on opponent and matchup

Completing this quest will reward you with a Level 60 weapon for that style for example. The weapon has 3 slots for upgrades, and it has an attack range of 180 ~ 520. This means it has the potential for a huge attack, but you could end up hitting on the low end.

You can do this for each style, but you will need to level them all separately to unlock the quests for each.

Hopefully, I cleared up everything about Style Points in Soulcalibur 6. Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to check out my full Libra of Souls guide if you want more info on the game mode.

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