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Soulmask Complete Farming Guide — How to Farm Food

Have a green thumb? You'll have an endless amount of food if you start growing it yourself!

When it comes to staying fed in Soulmask, hunting isn’t your only option. In fact, you can plant and grow lots of different types of food at your camp. Farming is a great way to get fruits, vegetables, and other food items that hunting can’t get you. Here’s how to start growing them!

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Soulmask Farming Guide — How to Grow Food

The first step to growing your own food is unlocking the Crop Planting technology. You’ll find it in the Knowledge & Technology menu under the Dawn of the New Tribe category. You’ll want to unlock Farmland, Fertilizer Bucket, Fertilizer, Seed Selection, and Well (not wholly a necessity if your base is near water). All of them cost Tech Points, which you can earn from leveling up your Awareness Strength.

Now that you have the means to start growing food, you can begin by getting some seeds and setting down a plot of farmland.

How to Get Seeds

There are a few ways you can get seeds in Soulmask. You may have come across some already as you were exploring the world, like in chests at ruins like I did. However, the best way to stay stocked up on seeds is to make a Grinder. By building a Grinder for your camp, you can make seeds on it any time you need them, as long as you have the right ingredients.

All seeds can be made by finding the fruit, vegetable, or nut growing in the world and then crushing them down on the Grinder. These are all the options you have:

  • Cashew
  • Chili
  • Corn
  • Peanut
  • Guava
  • Pumpkin
  • Tomato
  • Papaya

How to Plant Seeds

Once you have seeds, you’re ready to start planting. However, you can’t just plant them anywhere. You must make some farmlands and place them down around your camp. You’ll need the following materials to make Farmlands:

  • Clay x20
  • Stone or Flint x39

Select the Farmland from your inventory and place it anywhere you want around your camp. You can place it on the ground or on flooring if you don’t want any grass or other foliage getting in the way.

Now, select the seed you want to plant on the farmland from your inventory and hover over the space on the farmland where you want to plant it. There’s a lot of freedom in the exact spots you want the plants to grow; they don’t have to be in a straight line if you don’t want them to be. However, if you have more than one type, you may want to keep all the same type together for fertilizing reasons.

How to Fertilize Plants

Fertilizer is a very helpful substance that helps your plants grow. You can make all necessary fertilizers with a Fertilizer Bucket.

Making fertilizer at fertilizer bucket in Soulmask
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The Fertilizer Bucket can be made with Stone x10, Clay x20, and Plank x10. You can place it anywhere at your camp; it doesn’t need to be right next to your farmland. It’s just where you’ll craft the fertilizer and compost for your crops.

All plants need a different type of fertilizer. You can see what kind they need by hovering over the seedlings growing in the farmland. These are all the different types of fertilizer and what plants require them:

CompostTree Bark x2
(Additional: Fiber x10, Thatch x10, Vine x10)
AshFeces x2
Fire Ash x5
Bone PowderFeces x2
(Additional: Bone Powder x5, Phosperous Powder x5)
Corn, Cashew, Peanut, Tomato, Papaya
Stone PowderFeces x2
(Optional: Acidic Fluid x5, Niter Powder x5)
Chili, Guava
CompoundCompost x10
Ash Fertilizer x10
Bone Powder Fertilizer x10
Stone Powder Fertilizer x10
Nitrate OreWater Consumption x50
Fire Ash x10
Linen x5
(Optional: Feces x30, Compost x30)

After crafting the fertilizer, walk over your farmland and use it from your inventory. Your character will spread it around the farmland you’re on top of, and it will start helping your crops grow.

How to Adjust Crop Temperatures

You may have noticed your crops also need certain temperatures to grow properly. While it’s hard to control what the current temperature in the world is, there are ways you can cool or heat the area within a specific radius. You can make Air Heater and a Cooling Table.

Temperature StationsMaterials
Air HeaterIron Ingot x48
Premium Leather x39
Hardwood Plank x20
Leather Rope x20
Rubber x20
Cooling TableStone Brick x48
Premium Leather x39
Clay x39
Hardwood Plank x20

After making the temperature station, place it near the farmland to cool or heat the area around it. This would work out best if you plant the crops in separate farmlands since not all crops need the same temperature.

How to Water Plants

Another critical part in assuring your plants grow properly is water. All plants need water to grow. While you may get lucky with some rain to water your plants for you, you’ll also want to make sure you have some other sort of water source nearby.

You’ll need to make a Water Bucket to transfer water over to the farmland and water them. You can make one on a Carpentry Table with Plank x10, Copper Wire x2, and Wooden Handle x2.

Well with water to water crops in farmlands in Soulmask
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Once you have one, you can gather water from any river nearby, or a better option is a Well. You can make one with these materials:

  • Thatch x20
  • Clay x20
  • Thin Rope x10
  • (Additional: Log x10, Hardwood x10)

Place the Well at your camp, approach it with the Water Bucket in your inventory, and collect some water. The bucket will automatically be filled, and you can walk over to your farmland and use it to hydrate the crops. You can check what temperature they require by hovering over the seeds in your inventory or on the Grinder.

How to Assign Tribesmen to Farmlands

If you want to avoid being in charge of tending to the crops, you can always assign Tribesmen to the farmlands. This works a bit differently than the other Tribesmen work, and that’s because you need a specific station for them to work on. You’ll need the Granary.

You can make the Granary at the Building Workshop with the following materials:

  • Stone x48
  • Bronze Ingot x29
  • Hardwood Plank x96
  • Leather Rope x20

Place the Granary anywhere at your camp and then interact with it to choose what Tribesmen you want to assign to it. They will automatically plant seeds, fertilize, water, and harvest any crops in the farmland. Don’t forget to hover over the farmlands and set what type of seeds you want growing there beforehand.

The plants will take time to grow. You’ll know they are ready if you hover over them and they say “Ripe.” Then, you can harvest them and gain the food. Now, you’ll have a never-ending supply of food at your disposal and never go hungry!

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