Soulstone Survivors Runes Guide

Here is a complete list of all runes in Soulstone Survivors, as well as tips on how to unlock them.

Here is a complete list of all runes in Soulstone Survivors, as well as tips on how to unlock them.

Every character build in Soulstone Survivors can be significantly improved by applying runes that possess special powers and synergies. Our guide will provide you with a complete list of all runes in Soulstone Survivors, as well as tips on how to unlock them.

How to Unlock and Equip Runes in Soulstone Survivors

Runes are powerful effects that can be unlocked in the Skill Tree and equipped in the rune slots to increase build synergies.

You need to unlock the ability to equip runes using Minor Soulstones, which can be earned by simply defeating enemies. Once you have 5 Minor Soulstones you can unlock the Runes skill.

After that, you can start unlocking the runes themselves by completing various challenges throughout the game. Each rune has three tiers of skills that can be additionally unlocked with more Soulstones.

All runes have a cost between 1 and 5, and you have the maximum power of 5 to equip runes in the rune slots of your Skill Tree. For example, you can either equip five runes that each cost 1, or you can equip one rune that costs 5. It’s up to you!

All Runes and How to Get Them

Uncommon Runes (Cost: 1)

Center of Attention

  • Effect: Focuses all random area effects at your position.
  • Requirement: Unlock at least eight characters.

Dash Mastery

  • Effect: Increases dash speed by 50%.
  • Requirement: Complete Curse 2: Frozen Wasteland.

Weapon Expert

  • Effect: Unlocks a special skill for your selected weapon.
  • Requirement: Reach Level 100 in a single match.

Rare Runes (Cost: 2)

Controlled Chaos

  • Effect: Guarantees top damage for all your sources of random damage.
  • Requirement: Complete at least 70% of Endless Cycle 3.

Critical Mastery

  • Effect: Guarantees 100% critical hit chance each time you deal critical damage.
  • Requirement: Complete Curse 3: Grove.


  • Effect: All negative status effects that you afflict on enemies have 5% bonus damage.
  • Requirement: Complete Curse 4: Dungeon Despair.

Focus Fire

  • Effect: Increases all your damage by 40%, but reduces all your area effects by 20%.
  • Requirement: Destroy 2,000 elite enemies.


  • Effect: All your active skills have 5% bonus damage.
  • Requirement: Destroy 400 Void Lords.

Multi-cast Mastery

  • Effect: Increases chance of multi-casting.
  • Requirement: Complete Curse 4: Caves.


  • Effect: Increases all your damage by 50%, but reduces 5% of damage for each negative status effect afflicted on enemies.
  • Requirement: Destroy 200,000 enemies.


  • Effect: All damage received by your character is reduced by 15%. Your resistance to pushbacks is increased.
  • Requirement: Reach Level 90.

Epic Runes (Cost: 3)

Commanding Presence

  • Effect: Reduces all your damage by 40%, but increases all damage of your summons by 40%.
  • Requirement: Destroy 300,000 enemies.


  • Effect: For each point of lost HP your damage is increased by 0.5%.
  • Requirement: Destroy 3,000 elite enemies.

Reroll Mastery

  • Effect: You get one extra reroll after every five levels.
  • Requirement: Destroy 500 Void Lords.

Legendary Runes

Synergetic (Cost: 4)

  • Effect: Increases the chance of synergy power-ups by 20%. when chaining negative status effects afflicted on enemies.
  • Requirement: Complete Endless Cycle 3.

Singular Focus (Cost: 5)

  • Effect: Increases the number of possible active skills, including power-ups.
  • Requirement: Complete Curse 6: Caves.

Those are all runes in Soulstone Survivors and tips on how to get them. For more, check out our guide on the best builds in Soulstone Survivors.

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