South Park: The Stick of Truth – Kindergartener Locations

Locations for all 6 kindergartners in Stick of Truth.

Locations for all 6 kindergartners in Stick of Truth.

You get the quest to play hide and seek with South Park’s kindergarteners rather early in The Stick of Truth, and luckily enough it is a quest you don’t have to wait long to complete. As soon as you can enter the sewers, you can complete this quest.

The kindergarteners are spread throughout town, some of which being better at hiding than the others. The one on the farm and in the bank seem to be the ones people have the most trouble with because they are a bit out of the way.

Location 1 – Outside Mr. Slave’s house

The kindergartener will be where my character is standing in the screenshot above. 

Location 2 – The bank

Loop all the way around the room to get behind the desk and find the little boy.

Location 3 – The farm

Just enter the farm and walk left until you find this little guy hiding behind the bush.

Location 4 – The lake

The little girl hiding on this screen will be where my character is standing. To reach this location, walk left as you come in and destroy the obstacle blocking the path to walk up toward the patch with the bag and the kindergartener.

Location 5 – In front of the Tower of Peace

The little girl will be hiding behind this lamp-post in front of the Tower of Peace.

Location 6 – The sewers

This little guy is very easy to find as you make your way through the sewers.

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