Making your way to the Black Market in Spelunky 2 is a treacherous effort spanning from 1-2 and perhaps down to 2-4.

Spelunky 2: How to Find the Black Market

Making your way to the Black Market in Spelunky 2 is a treacherous effort spanning from 1-2 and perhaps down to 2-4.

Spelunky 2‘s Black Market is packed with wares for you to spend your hard-collected coin on, from weapons to random useful items. Luckily, finding the Black Market is almost the same as in Spelunky HD, though it lacks one item that had players seek it out in HD.

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There are three steps to finding the Black Market in Spelunky 2, so let’s get to it.

Step 1. Find the Key in 1-2 or 1-3

On your adventures through 1-2, keep an eye open for a lone gold key. It can be found anywhere on the level, but it might not even be there at all. It may be on 1-3 instead.

There are no indicators that the key is on a level, but if you find the room with the ornamental chest on either 1-2 or 1-3, the key will be somewhere on that same floor.

Step 2. Open the Ornamental Chest

In Spelunky HD, the chest containing the Udjat Eye was simply found out and about on a level. In Spelunky 2, it will only be found in a sub-room on the same floor you find the key.

One way to tell if a sub-room is the one containing the chest with Udjat’s Eye is that there will be only one entrance, unlike most other sub-rooms. It’s a fairly clear giveaway that it’s the one you’re looking for.

The Udjat Eye serves two purposes, the first is to allow you to enter the Black Market and the second is that it highlights gems and occasionally items hidden in the ground.

You’re obviously trying for the first purpose, but the second one is handy for stocking up on money as you traverse deeper and into the jungle.

Step 3. Find the Black Market

This step is nearly identical to hunting down the Black Market in Spelunky HD. You’ll need at least one bomb for this, but probably two.

Dive into the jungle and be aware of the Udjat Eye icon at the top of your screen, next to your money total when you step into each level. Between 2-2 and 2-4, you’ll hear a beep and the Udjat Eye will open. This means the entrance to the Black Market is somewhere on that floor.

Make your way through the level and keep your ears open — the Udjat Eye will start to beep when you get near the entrance, and pick up in intensity the closer you get. The beeps are fairly hard to ignore if you’re very close.

Position yourself where the beeping is most furious and place a bomb. If you’re lucky, you’ll only need to use one bomb to uncover the entrance to the Black Market.

The entrance can be hidden just about anywhere on a level, obscured by dirt. Bring some Glue along so your bombs are sticky, just in case the entrance is somewhere especially inconvenient.

In Spelunky HD, this was your primary method of acquiring an Ankh for a free revival, though the method for getting one in Spelunky 2 is far different. Nonetheless, the wares found in the Black Market are worth the trip, particularly if you’re in a run for the long haul.

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