It's feeding time at the Spiritfarer corral, and our Spiritfarer favorite foods guide has everything you need to keep your passengers happy.

Spiritfarer Favorite Foods Guide: Passenger Likes and Dislikes

It's feeding time at the Spiritfarer corral, and our Spiritfarer favorite foods guide has everything you need to keep your passengers happy.

One important part of Spiritfarer’s management component is keeping Stella’s passengers fed and happy. Each passenger has a unique set of likes and dislikes, plus one food dish that they enjoy above all others. So it’s important to give them their favorite foods. 

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This Spiritfarer guide is here to make the culinary process much easier. If you offer a dish a passenger likes, they’re happiness increases. The happier passengers are, the more they’ll help out around the ship, doing things like collecting and processing materials. 

There’s no actual penalty for giving a passenger a disliked dish. They just don’t accept them.

But figuring out what each passenger likes and what they’re favorite foods are is a guessing game. Except it isn’t thanks to our Spiritfarer favorite foods guide.

We’ve outlined every passenger’s favorite food here and since you can’t feed them the same dish twice in a row, we’ve also included their preferred food types so you can keep them happy at all times.

Spiritfarer Favorite Foods Guide


Alice Favorite Food

  • Veggie Pot-Pie — Flour and Vegetable or Mushroom. You won’t get this for a while, since it requires the Windmill.

Alice Likes

  • Old-Fashioned Food — Shellfish Stew is the easiest; just cook one of the shellfish you can find on the side of the ship.
  • Desserts — Like with Summer, Poached Fruit is the easiest and earliest dessert you can offer Alice.

Alice Dislikes

  • Exotic Food.
  • Stimulants (e.g. tea, coffee).

Astrid Favorite Food

  • Noodle Soup — Just cook rice flour. You won’t get this for a while, since it requires the Windmill.

Astrid Likes

  • Plain Food — Grilled Fish and Plain Rice are the easiest, with ingredients in abundance.

Astrid Dislikes

  • Sugary Food, Fine Dining.

Atul Favorite Food

  • Pork Chops — You’ll learn this recipe as part of a quest, but you can’t finish it until you get to Furogawa and purchase Pork from the shop there.

Atul Likes

  • Everything.

Atul Dislikes

  • Nothing. Feed him whatever you’ve got on hand, and he’ll be happy.
Bruce and Mickey

Despite being a team, Bruce and Mickey share the same tastes.

Bruce and Mickey Favorite Food

  • Garlic Bread — Combine Wheat Flour and Garlic. You may get lucky and find Garlic in a crate, but you can buy it from a shop later, after you clear the mist barrier.

Bruce and Mickey Likes

  • Pub Food — Anything Fried.

Bruce and Mickey Dislikes

  • Crayfish.
  • Meals that only require one ingredient.

Buck Favorite Food

  • Tomato Pizza — Wheat Flour and Tomato.

Buck Likes

  • Comfort Food — Popcorn works here if you want to make things simple.
  • Old Fashioned Food — Shellfish Stew is the easiest; just cook one of the shellfish you can find on the side of the ship.

Buck Dislikes

  • Fruit.
  • Dairy.

Elena Favorite Food

  • Green Salad — Leaf Veggie (Lettuce) and Fat. Getting these won’t be any problem by the time Elena joins your party.

Elena Likes

  • Plain Food.
  • Healthy Food.

Elena Dislikes

  • Meat.
  • Fried foods.

Giovanni Favorite Food

  • Beef Fondue — Requires Beef and Fat. Beef is available for purchase later on in the game, so depending on how you progress, you’ll want to focus on likes for Giovanni too.

Giovanni Likes

  • Fine Dining — You’ll have access to more choices by the time you find Giovanni, so things like Squid Skewer (cook a Squid) and Bouillabaisse (Fish + Vegetable or Mushroom) are options if you run out of Shrimp.
  • Stimulants — Tea and Coffee.

Giovanni Dislikes

  • Eggy foods.
  • Carbs.

Gustav Favorite Food

  • Surströmming — Catch a herring, and put it in the Cellar. The Cellar is part of the final ship features upgrade, so it’s out of reach for a little while.

Gustav Likes

  • Exotic Food — Plenty to choose from here, but Fish Curry (Fish + Rice or other Grain) and Paella (Shellfish + Rice or other Grain) are the easiest by far.
  • Acquired Taste — Steamed Shellfish can be your go-to food here. Just cook one of the hangers-on you find on the side of the ship.

Gustav Dislikes

  • Fried foods.
  • Sweet foods.
  • Fruit.

Gwen Favorite Food

  • Black Coffee — Purchase coffee bean seeds and plant them, then cook the beans.

Gwen Likes

  • Comfort Food — Popcorn is the easiest and cheapest.
  • Fine Dining — Cook a shrimp to make Shrimp Cocktail.

Gwen Dislikes

  • Fruit
  • Shellfish (mollusks specifically; she like shrimp).

Stanley Favorite Food

  • French Fries — Cook Potato and Fat together. You won’t get either of these for a while, so stick to liked foods until you’ve got the Crusher to make fat.

Stanley Likes

  • Breakfast Food — Egg Sunny Side Up (just cook an egg) or Cereal Bowl (grain + dairy) fit the bill here.
  • Desserts — Poached Fruit (just cook a piece of fruit or a berry) is the easiest

Stanley Dislikes

  • Fruit (uncooked)
  • Stimulants
  • Vegetables

Summer Favorite Food

  • Grain Salad — Cook a grain (rice is the easiest) with a vegetable or mushroom.

Summer Likes

  • Desserts — Poached Fruit is the easiest since you can just cook berries to obtain it.
  • Salads — Egg and vegetable make Egg Salad, while Mushroom and Veggie make Mushroom Salad.

Summer Dislikes

  • Anything with meat or animal products.

And that’s it for our Spiritfarer favorite foods guide for every passenger. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Spiritfarer guides in the coming days, and be sure to check out our Spiritfarer review to see why we called it one of the year’s best games. 

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