Hungry for some of Crusty Sean's Food Truck snacks? Here's how to get in on some Meal Tickets!

Splatoon 2 Guide – Where to Find Meal Tickets

Hungry for some of Crusty Sean's Food Truck snacks? Here's how to get in on some Meal Tickets!

Fresh inklings in Splatoon 2 are sure to have spotted Crusty Sean’s Food Truck sitting at the front of Inkopolis Square. These tasty treats will give you bonuses such as special abilities, money earning bonuses, or experience bonuses.

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Unfortunately, Sean doesn’t deal in standard coinage. Instead, you need Meal Tickets to get any of his delicious wares, and this has left some players stumped. How do you get them? This guide will help you out.

How to Get Meal Tickets in Splatoon 2

While you can get some tickets through the single player Hero Mode, your main source of funds for fish food is going to be through the Salmon Run mode. Salmon Run is the multiplayer co-op mode found near the back of Inkopolis Square, on the left. By completing Salmon Run games you can unlock Bonus Orbs that will give you various rewards for your hard work. The more eggs you collect, the faster you’ll get Bonus Orbs — and the faster you get to eat!

Once you have some Bonus Orbs, bring them to the window on the left of the Salmon Run door. There you can ask… someone… for a bonus. You can only collect up to 8 at a time, so be sure to ask for your bonuses before continuing your work for Grizzco Industries.

Each Bonus Orb will grant you different prizes based on the rarity of the orb, with Meal Tickets being the most common.

After you get your tickets, head over to Crusty Sean’s. Depending on your ticket, you can get double experience or money in online multiplayer matches. If you didn’t get a ticket for either of these, just hit X to access the drink menu. There you can get experience bonuses for gear that also increase the chances to gain the ability on the ticket.

Stay Fresh!

Working for Grizzco is grisly work, but the rewards are well worth it if you put the time in. Remember, food tickets may help you level up faster, but it’s by no means mandatory in order to enjoy the game. Think of it as more of a special bonus for enjoying the Salmon Run mode, and not a means to an end — or you will find yourself quickly frustrated.

Enjoy yourselves in both Salmon Run and Splatoon 2. Just remember: don’t get cooked, stay off the hook — or in this case, out of Salmonid mouths! 

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