Splatoon: Weapon Loadout Info and Reference Guide

Want to know about every weapon in Splatoon? Then, this guide is for you!

Want to know about every weapon in Splatoon? Then, this guide is for you!

There ar several weapons to choose from in Splatoon and they have different sub and special weapons attached to them. Unlike most games, you can’t change the sub and special weapons, you only choose the main weapon and you get what comes with it.

Each weapon loadout has its strengths and weaknesses and should be played differently. I’m here to explain every weapon in the game, their loadouts, and tips on using them. Most weapons work well with certain abilities, so be sure to check out my Gear Ability guide as well.

This guide will cover every weapon in Splatoon including:

  • Weapon Loadouts – Info on each main weapon and the sub and special weapons that come with them.
  • Weapon Tips – Tips on using weapons and some abilities that work well together.
  • Shooter – Classic Style of Gun
  • Charger – Long-range and charge for maximum damage
  • Roller – Paint Roller that destroys everything in its path

Weapon Loadouts

Weapons come in 3 categories, Shooter, Charger, and Roller. Some weapons are also identical, but may look different and have different sub and special weapons. I’ll organize everything according to type to make it easier. Some of the guns must be unlocked by playing single player, so be sure to check out my Octo Valley guide.


Splattershot Jr.

This is the first weapon you get and one of the best all-around weapons in the game it has 2 versions.

  • Splattershot Jr. – Shoots fast, but has low damage range.
    • Splat Bomb (Sub-weapon) – Grenade shaped like a pyramid. It has a slight delay before exploding. Uses a lot of ink.
    • Bubbler (Special) – Gives a shield that stops you from taking damage for a short time. It also gives nearby teammates the shield.
  • Custom Splattershot Jr. – Same, but with a different look and loadout.
    • Disruptor – Grenade that slows the enemy down.
    • Echolocator – Reveals all enemies for a short time.

splatoon weapon spalttershot jr


The default Splattershot Jr. is fantastic. The fire rate allows you to cover a lot of ground in a short time. Even though the damage and range is low, you can still kill fairly quickly.

  • Activate Bubbler when you try take over a zone or claim crucial turf.
  • Using this when teammates are nearby is most effective because it can turn the battle in your favor.
  • Use the Splat Bomb to keep pressure from a distance and let your teammates advance.

Similar to the Jr., but with a slower fire rate and increased damage and range.

  • Splattershot – Looks like a super soaker.
    • Burst Bomb – Round grenade that explodes on contact. Uses less ink than the Splat Bomb.
    • Bomb Rush – Allows you to throw your Burst Bomb without using ink for a short time.
  • Tentatek Splattershot – Different look and loadout.
    • Suction Bomb – Sticks to anything you throw it on, then explodes after a short time.
    • Inkzooka – Shoots big bursts of ink in every shot for a short time.

Both Splattershots are decent weapons. The normal versions is good for keeping bomb pressure, while the Tentatek gives you even more range and strategic value with the suction bomb and inkzooka.

  • Try sticking the suction bombs to surfaces, such as walls.
.52 Gal

This has high damage and mid-range, but low fire rate. 

  • .52 Gal – Has a huge canister that takes up a lot of ink
    • Splash Wall – Places a stand that showers a wall of ink for a limited time. Splats any enemy who tries to go through it.
    • Killer Wail – Places a speaker that blasts a sound wave over a large area. Any enemy caught in the blast gets splatted.
  • .52 Gal Deco – Different look and loadout.
    • Seeker – Bomb that travels in a long line on the ground. Travels towards enemy if you target someone when using.
    • Inkstrike – Target an area on the map to release a huge whirlwind of ink that covers a massive area. All enemies in the area get splatted.

The damage of this weapon makes up for the low fire rate, but you can’t afford to miss any shots. Aim more carefully with this weapon.

  • Splash Wall is great for blocking off routes or making an escape.
  • Killer Wail can block off entire areas or splat an entire team, but it has a delay before it starts.
  • Seeker is one of my favorite sub weapons. You can use it to travel quickly since it lasts so long, as long as you can go in a straight line. It also has great homing potential and can easily kill or make people run away.
  • Inkstrike is also one of my favorite special weapons. This is one of the best special weapons to use in ranked mode since you can cover nearly the entire splat zone.
N-Zap ’85

This gun is modeled after the NES Zapper used for games like Duck Hunt. It has the same fire rate and damage of the Splattershot Jr., but higher range.

  • N-Zap ’85 – Nostalgia at its finest.
    • Splat Bomb
    • Echolocator 

The raw stats make this the superior choice to Splattershot Jr. if you are only worried about the main weapon, but the sub and special weapons are just as, if not more, important.

  • Unless you want/need to slow enemies down, N-Zap ’85 is superior to Custom Splattershot Jr. in every way.
  • The normal Splattershot Jr. is still one of the best because of bubbler, if you don’t want that special, then N-Zap is the best.

My favorite shooter main weapon. It has the highest fire rate in the game, but very low damage and range.

  • Aerospray MG – Silver design.
    • Seeker 
    • Inkzooka 
  • Aerospray RG – Gold Design
    • Ink Mine – Places a mine in your ink that explodes after a while or when an enemy gets near.
    • Inkstrike 

splatoon weapon aerospray rg


Between the two versions, it has my favorite setup. Seeker makes the MG a great choice, I don’t like Inkzooka though. I use RG almost all the time. You can also cover ground very fast, making this a great weapon in Turf Wars.

  • Ink Mine is very helpful for covering zones, setting traps, or blocking off areas. Adding the Inkstrike to that, and you have a great ranked battle weapon.
  • The rate fo fire makes up for the low damage, but the range is this weapon’s real weakness.
  • Close the gaps and try to sneak up on players that use range to their advantage.
Jet Squelcher

This has the longest range of any shooter weapon, almost as much as a charger weapon. Its damage and fire rate or below average.

  • Jet Squelcher – Odd design that reminds me of the sword handle from Halo.
    • Splash Wall 
    • Ink Strike 
  • Dual Squelcher – Has 2 barrels now that lowers the range but increases the fire rate.
    • Splat Bomb 
    • Echolocator 
  • Custom Jet Squelcher – Same as Jet Squelcher, but with a different look and loadout.
    • Burst Bomb 
    • Kraken – Turn into a giant squid that lets you swim  at normal speed regardless of whether you’re in ink. Leaves ink trails as you swim and turns the jump into a barrel roll attack.

Each version is great and depends on what you want to do.

  • The default is a wonderful weapon that shines in ranked battle. The range lets you splat people from a safe distance, while placing Splash Walls to keep them away. Plus, you get Inkstrike.
  • Dual Squelcher is the equivalent to an assault rifle. Great all-around weapon with decent sub and special weapons.
  • The custom is great for taking a more offensive approach.

This is Splatoon‘s version of a shotgun. Very short-range, but shoots high impact ink balls.

  • Blaster – Has flame decals to make it stand out.
    • Disruptor 
    • Killer Wail 
  • Rapid Blaster – Smaller version that has higher range and fire rate, but lower damage.
    • Ink Mine
    • Bubbler
  • Custom Blaster – Same as normal blaster, but different loadout.
    • Point Sensor – Throw a sensor that explodes on contact, revealing any enemy in that area.
    • Bubbler
  • Rapid Blaster Deco – Different loadout than the normal Rapid Blaster.
    • Suction Bomb
    • Bomb rush

This is a gun you want to get close before using for sure. The normal Blaster shoots so slow, but can kill in usually 2 hits.

  • Rapid Blaster and Custom Blaster are great because it has bubbler. This is very valuable since you will be close and can’t afford to get hit much.
  • Rapid Blaster Deco is the only weapon with Bomb Rush for Suction Bombs. This can completely keep a team out of an area.
  • Invest in Ink Saver (Main) if using this weapon.
Splattershot Pro

Similar to the Splattershot, but with higher range and lower fire rate.

  • Splattershot Pro – Completely different design from the normal Splattershot.
    • Splat Bomb
    • Inkstrike
  • Forge Splattershot Pro – Gold tip and different loadout
    • Point Sensor
    • Inkzooka

This also has less ink efficiency, so Ink Saver (Main) is a good choice.

  • This is great if you want more range and good at landing most shots.
  • The damage is pretty high that you can win most battles as long as you aim well.
.96 Gal

Similar to the .52 Gal, it has higher damage and range, but extremely low fire rate

  • .96 Gal – Looks like .52 gal, but with a longer barrel.
    • Sprinkler – Places an ink sprinkler that can attach to any surface and continuously sprays ink around it.
    • Echolocator 

The fire rate is terrible, but the damage and range make up for it. It can kill as fast as the blaster and has the range to keep your distance.

  • Keep your distance since the fire rate is so low. It doesnt matter how strong the weapon is if you die before you get a few shots off.


Charger weapons have very long-range, but must be charged up. The longer you charge, the farther the ink goes. If you don’t charge it at all, the ink won’t go far or do much damage.

Splat Charger

Default charger with long-range, medium charge speed, and below average mobility.

  • Splat Charger – Long, rifle look.
    • Splat Bomb
    • Bomb Rush
  • Kelp Splat Charger – Different loadout
    • Sprinkler
    • Killer Wail

splatoon weapon kelp splat charger


Chargers aren’t my best weapon, but they are really good in the hands of capable players.

  • You can use this weapon as a sniper and one-hot kill anyone you hit.
  • Great for making pathways for teammates or closing off enemy paths.

All-around charger that sacrifices some range for faster charge speed and more mobility.

  • Classic Squiffer – Wavy design.
    • Point Sensor
    • Bubbler
  • New Squiffer – Different loadout
    • Ink Mine
    • Inkzooka

This a great charger if you want to do more than sit back. The mobility and fast charge speed means you can be on the front lines.

  • Classic is best for this situation since it gives bubbler.
  • Be aware of your reduced range and get closer if needed.

Just like the normal Splat Charger, but with a scope.

  • Splatterscope – Can zoom in on for increased accuracy.
    • Splat Bomb
    • Bomb Rush
  • Kelp Splatterscope – Different loadout, same, great scope.
    • Sprinkler
    • Killer Wail

This is the true sniper of Splatoon. If you use this weapon, your only purpose is to pick people off from afar.

  • Find an elevated, safe area to stay and snipe everything that moves.
  • Move in if you have Bomb Rush.
E-liter 3K

This has the longest range in the game and shoots a lot of ink, but has extremely slow charge speed and mobility.

  • E-liter 3K – Huge silver cylinder for holding ink.
    • Burst Bomb
    • Echolocator

This si great when you want to keep your distance, but don’t want to be handicapped by a looking through a scope.

  • The Echolocator is great for knowing where the enemy is always. 
  • Use Special Charge Up to use this often since you won’t be able to escape close to mid-range fights.


This is the most unique weapon of Splatoon and acts as a sort of melee weapon. While you hold the fire button down, you’ll cover the ground with ink as you move. Tapping it picks up the roller and shakes ink off for a ranged attack.

Splat Roller

The standard roller with good speed and handling. 

  • Splat Roller – Looks like a giant paint roller.
    • Suction Bomb
    • Killer Wail
  • Krak-On Splat Roller – Different loadout
    • Squid Beakon – Places a beacon that teammates, or yourself, can super jump to.
    • Kraken

A popular weapon, especially for new players, but takes some skill to sue well at high levels.

  • Use Squid Beakon to keep your team in the fight. Place multiple around the map and near the zone if playing Splat Zones.
  • Make use of Ninja Squid, Run Speed, and hiding in ink a lot.
  • Surprise is key. You can one hit kill everyone but your range is very small. Pop out next to people for the splat.
  • Switch between jumping out of ink and shaking the roller to get people too far away or those running away.
Dynamo Roller

This is just like the Splat Roller, but moves slower and takes longer to shake. It shoots a bigger burst of ink when you shake it

  • Dynamo Roller – Bigger version of the splat roller.
    • Sprinkler
    • Echolocator
  • Gold Dynamo Roller – Gold color and different loadout.
    • Splat Bomb
    • Inkstrike

Use this when you either want the different sub and special weapons they give, or need a bigger burst of ink from the shake.


This weapon has very high speed and handling, but leaves a narrow line and has very short range.

  • Inkbrush – Looks like a paint brush.
    • Sprinkler
    • Ink Strike

This is great for getting around the map easily, but be aware of the swing range.

  • Cover the ground to make pathways for your teammates. Great for ranked mode.
  • Swinging the brush is very fast and should be done when you want to splat somebody.
  • Don’t try to run someone over with the paint brush, it won’t hurt them, you must swing the brush to splay someone.
  • Use this to get places quickly and leave trails for your team. Great for ranked.
  • Use the sprinkler and ink strike to cover wide areas.

That wraps up the Weapons guide for Splatoon. Be sure to ask any questions or give tips of your own in the comments. Check out my Ranked Battle guide to out this info to good use.

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