SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake — All Sticky Note Locations

If you've missed any of the sticky notes in Bikini Bottom or need a hint on where to look for these collectibles in SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, we've got you covered.

If you've missed any of the sticky notes in Bikini Bottom or need a hint on where to look for these collectibles in SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, we've got you covered.
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One of the very first collectibles you’ll find in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake kicks off a hunt that will last you until after the credits have rolled. We are talking about the Sticky Note collectibles that you find as you progressively unlock more of the hub area of Bikini Bottom.

There are nine sticky notes to be found throughout Bikini Bottom. You return here after every world is completed, so make sure you take advantage of this time to go hunting for stickies. 

Where to Find Sticky Notes in Bikini Bottom

Sticky Note Location 1: Wild West Jellyfish

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The first sticky note in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake can be collected after returning from the game’s first world, Wild West Jellyfish fields.

Next to where the Krusty Krab used to be, there is an ascending series of floating platforms that lead up to a ridge above the restaurant. Jump up these platforms to the ridge, and you’ll see the note floating on the lower ridge. Jump down to collect your first Bikini Bottom sticky note. 

Sticky Note Location 2: Sandy’s Treedome

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The second sticky note is found after returning from the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom realm. Sandy’s Treedome will return to town. Next to Sandy’s home, there is a purple button that you have to ground-pound to make balloons appear. 

From here, use your flying karate kick (X on Switch) to ascend from one balloon to another until you reach a high ridge. Complete a combat encounter here before being rewarded with the second sticky note. 

Sticky Note Location 3: Chum Bucket

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After you complete Pirate Goo Lagoon, the Chum Bucket will return to Bikini Bottom. Next to the restaurant is a slingshot that will propel you to the other side of the hub, near Spongebob and Squidward’s houses. However, if you take the slingshot across the street from Spongebob’s house, you will wind up on top of the Chum Bucket. 

There is a purple button here that you can press to activate a timed challenge. Use your swing hook and glide technique to navigate this platforming challenge and clear the gap. You’ll find another Sticky Note on the other side. 

Sticky Note Location 4: Pirate Ship

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You’ll be able to gather the next sticky note after returning from Halloween Rock Bottom. Once you exit the world portal, go to the cemetery area. There will now be three light bulbs that you have to light up by sneaking around the enemies that now inhabit the cemetery.

Use sneak attacks to take them all out, and jump on the switches to activate each bulb. This will spawn a slingshot that will take you up to the pirate ship

Once you are on the ship, complete a short combat encounter with some strong enemies. Once you do so, you will be rewarded with another sticky note collectible. 

Sticky Note Location 5: Squidward’s House

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You can collect the next sticky note after saving Squidward from the Prehistoric Kelp Forest. Go behind Squidward’s house, and hit the red button with your bubble wand to spawn a floating wooden plank. Use the life preserver nearby to jump up onto the platform.

From there, just rinse and repeat, using your bubble wand to make more platforms appear until you see the sticky note suspended in the air. Double jump, and then glide through the ring of jellies to collect the fifth sticky note. 

Sticky Note Location 6: Boarding School

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The sixth sticky note is found in Mrs. Puff’s boarding school, right before you get transported to the final world in the game. Mrs. Puff is stuck at the top of her tower, and you’ll need to use a new life preserver to jump up to the top. Once you’ve ascended, you’ll be able to jump off and grab the sticky note. 

But be warned: if you try and go save Mrs. Puff first, you will be teleported to the next world and won’t be able to collect this note until you return to Bikini Bottom the next time. 

Sticky Note Location 7: Seahorse Trial

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You can find another sticky note by completing a seahorse time trial. To begin the trial, you’ll need to hop on a seahorse and follow the hand-drawn sign with arrows that begin at the big arch near the anchor house. You will know the seahorse trial has begun once the fire rings appear in the stage. Ride through each of the rings in order to get the sticky note to appear. 

Sticky Note Location 8: Glove World

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Once you’ve rolled credits SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, go check out the corner between the graveyard and Glove World. You’ll notice there is now a leafblower you can pick up. Do so and absorb enemies until your meter is full and you’re ready to shoot the leafblower’s projectile. In this corner there is also a life preserver that you must use to reach the ledge above. Here, you’ll find a previously indestructible pile of rocks. 

Use the leafblower’s projectile to destroy these rocks, revealing a life preserver jump pad that will boost you up to the next ridge. Up here, you’ll be forced into a combat challenge featuring a variety of the game’s enemies. After you defeat them, a sticky note will appear. 

Sticky Note Location 9: Squid Hopping

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These last few sticky notes can be completed in any order, but this is the one I got last. Near the platforms you climbed to get the first sticky note, there is now a purple button. Ground pound it to spawn some ghost squids in the river ahead of you. A timer will also pop up. Navigate the water feature without falling in by moving from squid to squid. At the end of the sequence, you’ll end up on a previously inaccessible area of shore where the final sticky note is yours to claim. 

Those are all the locations for each sticky note in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Once you collect all nine of them, report back to Patrick for your reward — the first of the eight gold coins in Bikini Bottom. 

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