For this side mission, you will need to return to Halloween Rock Bottom and collect the 5 objects. Here is where to find each Good Noodle Star.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake — Where to Find All 5 Good Noodle Stars

For this side mission, you will need to return to Halloween Rock Bottom and collect the 5 objects. Here is where to find each Good Noodle Star.

This collectible hunt is one of the side quests you’ll get from the residents of Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Mrs. Puff will ask you to find 5 good noodle stars for them. These are all located in the Halloween Rock Bottom. Here’s where to look. 

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All 5 Good Noodle Star Locations in The Cosmic Shake

You can find the 5 Good Noodle Stars in Halloween Rock Bottom, the fourth world of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. You can only collect these on a repeat journey to the world. This is where each one can be located. 

Good Noodle Star 1 Location

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This collectible can be found directly to the right of the starting checkpoint. Climb around the structure its on top of to get it. You won’t have to do any fancy jumping or use any of your tools. 

Good Noodle Star 2 Location

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First, get on the platform with the big statue in the center of Kandyville. Swing to the swing hook by the big tube from there. You’ll see the star on top of the pipe that leads down to the snail race. Swing up and grab it. 

Good Noodle Star 3 Location

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Back on the main platform with the statue, take the other swing hook. It is behind where the statue is facing. The star can be seen behind a house on this platform. Now you just have to go grab it. 

Good Noodle Star 4 Location

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Start from the pipe that acts as the upper entrance to the shadow theater (if you wind up on the lower entrance, you can go back to the previous checkpoint and follow the bounce pads up the pipe). On the roof of the theater is the fourth Good Noodle Star. Glide to the platform where you found the Golden Spatula in this area. From there, make your way over to the roof by jumping and gliding.

Good Noodle Star 5 Location

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After the grate, there will be a short sliding section with a jump to a bus. Turn around and go backward on the slide, revealing a secret turn that drops off to a series of balloons. Kick them, and you’ll follow a path up to a secret pipe where the last Good Noodle star hides.

With all of the Good Noodle stars in your possession, all you have to do to get your Gold Coin is return to Bikini Bottom and talk to Mrs. Puff. If you’re looking for more collectible walkthroughs for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, head over here

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