Here are all the different versions of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl that you can pre-order and where you can get them.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl Pre Order Guide: Bonuses and What’s in Each Edition

Here are all the different versions of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl that you can pre-order and where you can get them.

GSC Game World’s STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl has been in the works for more than a decade and is finally nearing completion. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year set development back, it looks like things will be all clear for a 2023 release date. We don’t currently have an official date for release, but we do know the game will be hitting PC and Xbox Series X|S when it does come out.

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Unlike other modern games, the release strategy is fairly simple for STALKER 2. You either get it on PC or Xbox consoles. Those with a Series S will need to grab a digital version, but through Xbox Smart Delivery you’ll receive all necessary updates to bring it up to next-gen standards should you switch to a Series X. On PC, you’ll have to contend with some decent-ish system requirements.

It’s in the various different versions where things get confusing. Thankfully, we’ve scoured the net to let you know which versions are available where and for how much. We’ve also included the small pre-order bonuses that will be available should you get a digital copy.

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STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl Pre-order Bonus

In a very convenient move, STALKER 2’s pre-order bonuses are not limited to any specific retailer. Wherever you pre-order in-store, from a website, or on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, or the Xbox Store, you’ll receive the following bonuses.

  • Extended campfire content — Includes additional songs and stories that players can hear from NPCs near campfires.
  • Early Bird weapon skin
  • Early Bird costume
  • Early Bird multiplayer badge

None of these sounds particularly game-changing, so don’t worry about missing out.

Physical STALKER 2 Standard Edition Bonuses

Image via GSC Game World

When it comes to the physical standard edition of STALKER 2, most retail outlets will be carrying the Xbox Series X version of the game. On PC, you can only buy a physical copy from the official STALKER 2 website, though it does come with a steelbook. GameStop is also offering a steelbook for its physical edition.

Digitally, PC users have more options. Due to the war in Ukraine, Microsoft has stopped pre-orders of the digital edition on Xbox. The Epic Games Store is also not currently offering pre-orders, though it has all of the information about each edition. Both stores should see pre-orders return before the game’s official release date.

Retail Xbox


Physical STALKER 2 Limited Edition Bonuses

Image via GSC Game World

STALKER 2 has a couple of different editions the higher up the stack you go. One such is the “Limited Edition,” which contains a steelbook game case and various physical goodies. Here is everything included in that version.

  • Steelbook
  • Letter from the Devs
  • Souvenir Zone Permit
  • Sticker Pack
  • Zone Map
  • Faction Patches
  • Military Token
  • Keychain (Multi-tool) with Fire Starter


Physical STALKER 2 Collector’s Edition Bonuses

Image via GSC Game World

Far from the final edition of STALKER 2, the “Collector’s Edition” contains everything from the “Limited Edition” with a few small extras. It will be available on both Xbox and PC. Here are the two extra goodies you’ll get.

  • Art Book
  • Stalker Figurine


Physical STALKER 2 Ultimate Edition Bonuses

Image via GSC Game World

Rounding out the physical versions of STALKER 2 is the ludicrous “Ultimate Edition” that currently appears to only be available in Europe. It also appears to be sold out.

As is to be expected, this version contains all of the physical goodies from the previous two editions alongside some much larger items. While the official website shows an Xbox Series X logo, there is currently no retail listing for this on Microsoft’s platform. Here are the few new extras for this version.

  • Artefact Container Lamp
  • STALKER Backpack


STALKER 2 Digital Editions

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this very confusing pre-order scheme. STALKER 2 features three different digital editions on PC that offer extra content the more you’re willing to pay. One is the standard edition, which we’ve covered above and costs $59.99, but there are two extra variants that come with in-game goodies.

Digital Deluxe

The regular “Digital Deluxe” edition costs $79.99 and comes with the following.

  • Steam Exclusive Content
  • Special Extra Quest
  • Digital Artbook
  • Official OST
  • 1 Costume, 3 Weapon Skins
  • 2 Costumes, 3 Weapon Skins

Digital Ultimate Edition

The confusingly titled “Ultimate Edition” costs $109.99 and contains all of the previously mentioned content alongside these extras.

  • 2 Story Expansions
  • Season Pass

While these other editions are likely to be available on Xbox, the aforementioned pre-order freeze on Microsoft’s console means you can’t currently pre-order them. On PC, they are available from Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. STALKER 2 is currently scheduled for a December 2023 release. Keep a lookout for more coverage leading up to it here on GameSkinny.

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