Everything you need to know about getting you character to reach their maximum potential.

Star Ocean Anamnesis Augmentation and Leveling Guide

Everything you need to know about getting you character to reach their maximum potential.
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After completing the main story missions,you might be wondering about how to get your characters to meet their maximum potential. Luckily the game provides you with ample resources in order to make that happen.

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Augmentation and Character Leveling

The first thing you should prioritize maxing out your characters. You can Augment your character with will raise their rarity by one star, and subsequently the stats. You will need a 50 small, 15 medium, and 3 large crystals along with 150000 FOL. The color of the crystals should coincide with the characters class color. Red for Attacker, yellow for Defender, blue for Sharpshooter, purple for Invoker, and green for Healer. Rainbow can be used for any class.

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You should have all the materials you need from completing missions and gifts the game gives, but if for some reason that is not the case you simply need to go over to the item shop and purchase and Augmentation Set of the same class as the character you are trying to augment.

If you find yourself short on FOL, then check your inventory to see if you have any Platinum Ingots to sell. The ones the game gives you are more than enough to upgrade three characters.

On top of getting these materials, you will also need to make sure that are you character are maxed out at level 60. If not, you need to either grind missions, or use prisms and stones in order to quickly level up your character. To use prisms and stones simply head on over to the Characters Tab, tap on Status Enhancements, and then choose which character you want to level up.

If the stone or prism is rainbow (or Ra.) it will level all character equally. If it mentions a specific color, they will specifically benefit the class of the corresponding color. 

Once you have met these requirements you can then head on over the Characters Tab and then click on Augment.

Simply tap on the character you wish to Augment, and given that you have the necessary materials, it should be as easy as clicking on the Augment button in the bottom right hand corner.

After Augmentation, you character will be brought back down to level one, and will now have a new level cap of 70. Once again, you can choose to be more conservative and grind the good ol’ fashioned way and tackle high level missions and events.


To further enhance your character, you can use items called Starseeds. Each seed is named after the respective stat that it will boost. For example, the HP Starseed will increase your HP. Mind blowing, I know.

The highest valued Starseed is the one that boosts AP. Use these for your main characters. It increases your Action Points which is what determines how many Skills you can use during a fight. You can get the seeds from either the Item Shop or the Seed Mission Event.

Limit Breaking

There is a way to push characters beyond their limits called a Limit BreakThis significantly increases the stats of any given character you choose to do that to.

At first you have to Limit Break by drawing duplicates of the same character. They will synthesize automatically into the Limit broken character. The max number of Limit breaks is different based on the character.

If you obtain a character that has already had the maximum amount of Limit breaks, then you will get Small, Medium or Large Limit Break Crystals you can use to perform a Limit Break on any Character. You can also purchase a L. Limit Breaker Set which gives you two Large Limit Break Crystals from the item shop. 

Leveling Weapons and Accessories 

After that you can level up your items as well. It doesn’t seem to be as easy to max out as it was for character, but you can boost them up a little for some increased stats. I would only recommend doing this for 4-5* items. Simply go to the items tab, select enhance items, select the item you wish to enhance, and then choose lesser items to sacrifice.

There are items particularly good for enhancing weapons called Hammers.

The items good for enhancing accessories are called Thread.

These items can’t be used for anything else, so don’t feel bad about using them.

You can also increase the level cap of an item by enhancing an item with another Item of the same name. This increases the max level of an item by 2. This will be difficult for 5* items given their scarcity, so don’t fret too much if you can’t increase their cap right away.

And that covers everything there is to cover about upgrading everything you possibly can. Now there should be nothing in your way from tackling that sweet sweet end game content.

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