Star Ocean: The Divine Force Skill Points Guide

Wondering how to get skill point or level abilities in Star Ocean: The Divine Force? This guide explains how to do both.

Wondering how to get skill point or level abilities in Star Ocean: The Divine Force? This guide explains how to do both.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a traditional RPG in a lot of ways, but what isn’t traditional is the game’s leveling system. It’s not always easy to tell how to buy and level up your characters’ skills.

In this guide to the expansive JRPG, we’ll tell you how to do just that, so you’re always properly leveled to take on the game’s enemies and bosses. 

How to Get Skill Points

Characters automatically gain Skill Points (SP) when they level up, but just gaining a level doesn’t do much to increase your stats. Instead, you’ll have to spend your SP on both leveling up within a character’s skill tree and then leveling up the individual skills you acquire outside of that skill tree. It’s a whole thing, so it’s up to you to manage it. It won’t happen automatically.

Do some quests, win some fights, and level up. Once you do, you’ve got some choices to make. head into your menu, and select the character you want to buy some kills for. From there, select Skill Tree.

Skill Tees are pretty small and surprisingly non-linear. At the start, you can pick any node on the tree next to your starting point. From there, you can unlock any skill next to one you already have. You’ll always know what skills you can buy because their nodes will be flashing.

Skills fall into four categories:

  • Combat skills
  • Passive skills
  • Active skills
  • Stat and Resistance increases

Each one is color-coded and has a unique symbol, so you can always be sure what you’re buying. Regardless, you should choose wisely. There’s no way to refund a skill once you’ve bought it.

How to Level Up Skills

Once you buy a stat increase, it’s yours forever. No further work is required. The same, however, is not true of combat, active, or passive skills. You’ll have to level those up over time if you want them to get better. Once you’ve got some skills under your belt  probably combat skills, because let’s face it, they’re the most fun  you’ll need to head to a different part of the menu.

To level up any skill a character has, select the character in the menu and then choose Check and Strengthen Skills.

From there, you’ll choose the type of skill you want to improve  combat, active, passive, Synchro (skills you get from D.U.M.A), etc. Find the skill you want to level up, and select it. Once you do, a box telling you how much it costs to level up the skill will appear in the bottom right of the screen. Pressing the confirm button again will allow you to level up the skill.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have no trouble buying and leveling skills for all of your characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Remember that buying and leveling skills both cost SP, so spend your SP wisely.

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