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Stardew Valley 1.6 Leads to Mayonnaise Only Challenge

This challenge takes liking Mayonnaise to a whole new level in Stardew Valley 1.6.

Mayonnaise became a consumable item in update 1.6, allowing you to drink it to recover Health and Energy. With this change, a new challenge has spawned. This is all about the Stardew Valley 1.6 Mayonnaise only challenge.

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Mayonnaise Only Challenge in Stardew Valley 1.6

The Mayonnaise only challenge was developed by Reddit user Halollet. Their love of Mayo becoming drinkable, as well as the new Meadowland Farm Layout, lead to the creation of this egg-cellent challenge. For those who’ve mastered all there is to do in Stardew Valley, this can be a new way to experience the game.

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While the rules are well thought out, Halollet hasn’t actually attempted to complete it themselves. However, it’s entirely possible to complete while making bank.

Mayonnaise Only Challenge Rules

Like all challenges, there are specific rules that need to followed. This requires a new run, since you’ll be playing on the Meadowland farm. Don’t worry though, this layout gives you a boost at the start of the game, especially when it comes to getting Mayo.

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  • Set your favorite item to Mayonnaise.
  • Start with the Meadowland farm layout.
  • Only sell Mayonnaise once you reach Farming level 2.
  • Only eat/drink Mayonnaise.
  • Only raise egg-laying animals, ending with at least 2 of every species.
  • Only gift Mayonnaise to raise friendship levels.
    • The only exceptions are Jas and Vincent, whom you may gift Duck Feathers to
    • Sebastian will accept Raw Mayonnaise crafted from Void Eggs
  • Only complete the Community Center by not buying any seeds or saplings. Otherwise you have to go down the Joja route.
  • Name your horse Mayo.
  • Only use Mayonnaise for the Luau and Valley Fair festivals.
  • Wear clothing made of Mayonnaise
  • Paint all buildings Egg White, Duck Yolk Beige, Void Chicken Black, and Dino Yolk Green to match Mayo colors.
  • Must have Korbus as your roommate due to shared Mayo love.

Alternate versions of the challenge include a speed run version as well as how quickly you can hit one million dollars.

The Mayonnaise Only challenge for Stardew Valley 1.6 is sure to create a unique playthrough experience. For other challenges, what the new features of the update are, or how to finish certain quests, check out our guide hub.

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