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Stardew Valley: How to Get Prismatic Shards

Struggling to find this mineral? Here's how to get prismatic shards in Stardew Valley.

Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley are an elusive mineral offering a myriad of benefits, such as improving friendships and unlocking new weapons. They’re described as a “very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins.” Luckily for us, there are several ways you can scour for this rare mineral. Here’s how to get Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley.

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How to Get Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley


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The first, and probably easiest, way to find prismatic shards is going into the Mines. The Mines are located on the north side of the Mountains. When you’ve entered the Mines, you’ll want to look for Mystic stones, which have pale blue patterns and dark blue coloring. Mystic Stones have a 25% chance to give you one prismatic shard, so it’s good to keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re struggling to find any in the Mines, it may be easier to venture to the infamous Skull Cavern. Skull Cavern will have mystic stones, too. However, they’ll also have iridium nodes. Iridium nodes aren’t hard to miss due to their sharp, purple exterior. When mining one, there’s a 4% chance for one prismatic shard.

While mining, you’re likely to pick up omni geodes, which have a 0.4% chance of containing a prismatic shard when broken by Clint, the blacksmith. If you’re not a fan of the odds when mining, you’re also able to receive prismatic shards after defeating monsters. Serpents and Mummies are 0.1% likely to drop one after its defeat. It’s also important to mention that if you’ve reached the bottom of the Mines (Floor 120), every monster has a 0.05% chance of dropping a prismatic shard. It sounds low, but given the amount of monsters, it makes it a lot easier.


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Combat isn’t your style? No worries, there are other ways to obtain a prismatic shard, such as fishing. When you’re fishing, you’ll notice that during the mini-game, there’s a chance to grab a treasure chest. These Fishing Treasure Chests are 0.012% likely to contain a prismatic shard. However, you must be Level 6 Fishing to have this opportunity.

Whilst this option is very rare, you can slightly increase your chances in three different ways:

  • Equip the Treasure Hunter Tackle, which prevents fish from escaping when collecting treasure chests, and increases the chance to find treasure chests by 5% (Level 7 Fishing).
  • Equip the Magnet Bait, which increases the chance of finding treasure chests by 15% (Level 9 Fishing).
  • Take the Pirate Profession, which doubles your chance to find treasure.

Combining the three will make your chance of catching treasure chests even higher, which means you’ll be closer to finding that prismatic shard!

Fishing pond

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The last option (and my personal favorite) is to buy a pond from Robin, where you can add a rainbow trout. Rainbow trout can be caught in the Summer between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Mountain Lake and in the rivers. Once the rainbow trout has been added to your pond, it will request specific items. The rainbow trout will start multiplying once their gift requests have been fulfilled. Fulfill the wishes at least three times to gain ten fish. The rainbow trout will likely give you roe every day, but there’s a 0.09% daily chance it’ll give you a prismatic shard!

Hopefully, with these tips, getting prismatic shards in Stardew Valley shouldn’t be too challenging. That being said, you may find a prismatic shard when you’re not even looking. Trash diving, for instance. Good luck!

That covers how to get Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley. If you want more Stardew Valley guides, head over to our guides hub.

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