Looking for the five legendary fish locations in Stardew Valley? We can show you exactly what gear you need and where to go to catch them all!

Stardew Valley Legendary Fish Locations

Looking for the five legendary fish locations in Stardew Valley? We can show you exactly what gear you need and where to go to catch them all!

Unlike other fish in Stardew Valley, legendary fish are only found at specific locations with stringent time and weather conditions. While some of them can technically be caught with lesser equipment, there are a few items you really want to grab before even trying to reel in a legendary.

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Below we cover everything you need for a successful fishing trip, as well as all the Stardew Valley legendary fish locations.

How to Catch Legendary Stardew Valley Fish

Legendary fish are always marked by a crown, so it’s easy to know if you’ve got the right kind before wasting time reeling in. If you do pull in a non-legendary, just set it loose immediately. For the best shot at actually getting a legendary, here’s what you need:

  • Iridium Rod
  • Trap Bobber tackle 
  • Any bait

The Iridium Rod is only available to buy after hitting fishing Level 6. If you don’t have it already, it will set you back 7,500 gold at Willy’s Fish Shop. This is essential to catching legendary fish as it drastically lowers the overall difficulty by allowing you to use tackles.

To land a legendary fish, you want the Trap Bobber tackle, which limits escape movement speed when you aren’t actively reeling in a fish. It reduces the catching bar by a whopping 66%, which turns impossible catches into fairly easy catches.

You can buy the Trap Bobber for 500 gold from Willy’s Fish Shop after fishing Level 6, or it may appear randomly at the Traveling Cart for 600 to 1,000 gold.

While you can use Wild bait, it doesn’t seem to have a big impact of any kind over using regular bait when catching legendary fish.

Where to Find Stardew Valley Legendary Fish

You can only catch one of each type of legendary fish per save file, which means you can’t keep reeling in the most expensive kinds and selling them. They can be gifted or used in recipes that require any fish, but that would be a waste of a legendary.

To make each catch easiest, it’s a good idea to only tackle the legendary fish when you have fishing Level 10, even though each individual fish may have a lower requirement than that.

If you are short of that goal, eat the Trout Soup (+1 fishing), Dish O’ The Sea (+3 fishing) or Seafoam Pudding (+4 fishing) first to increase your fishing level before attempting any of these catches.


The easiest legendary fish to catch, the Angler only requires fishing Level 3.

  • Catch it north of Joja Mart in the fall
  • Best bite chance is above the wooden bridge
  • No time restrictions. 

Nearly as easy to catch as the Angler, the Crimsonfish requires fishing Level 5.

  • Catch it on the eastern pier of the beach
    • To reach this area, you have to fix the bridge first for 300 wood
  • Only caught during summer
  • No time restrictions

Just slightly less difficult to reel in than the Legend fish, the Glacierfish requires fishing Level 6.

  • Catch in Cindersap forest at the very bottom edge of arrowhead Island
  • Only caught during winter
  • Must be caught before 10:00 p.m.
  • Weather has no effect

Unlike the other legendary fish, the fish actually called Legend does require fishing Level 10 to grab. Legend fetches the highest price of all fish and of any single item at 15,000 gold!

  • Catch in Mountain Lake
  • Can be caught in Any season
  • Must be raining
  • Higher bite chance closer to the log
  • Must be caught before 10:00 p.m
Mutant Carp

This mutant fish can only be found by casting in the sewer. Yeah, gross. While there aren’t many restrictions on catching the fish, this does take some work to access first.

  • Catch in the sewer
    • Need the rusty sewer key obtained by donating 60 artifacts or minerals to Gunther at the museum 
  • Can be caught during any season
  • Weather has no effect

That’s it for every legendary fish location in Stardew Valley. Be sure to check out our other Stardew guides. Here are a few to get you started or bring you back into the farm simulator game if you’ve been away for a while:

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